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Beatle George Harrison dies


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Sep 3, 2001
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Upper Michigan,born in Miami
LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- George Harrison, the lead guitarist in possibly the most influential pop group of all time, The Beatles, has died aged 58, his spokesman confirmed to CNN.

Harrison died in Los Angeles at 1:30 p.m. (2130 GMT) on Thursday after a battle with cancer, spokesman Geoff Baker said, but further details were not available.

"He died with one thought in mind -- love one another," friend Gavin De Becker told The Associated Press, adding that Harrison's wife, Olivia Harrison, and son Dhani, 24, were with him when he died.

His former band-mate Sir Paul McCartney told the Press Association: "I am devastated and very very sad. We knew he'd been ill for a long time.

"He was a lovely guy and a very brave man and had a wonderful sense of humour. He is really just my baby brother."

Harrison was known as the quiet one of the Fab Four, which conquered the world with 27 number one hits in the United States and Britain.. His credits with The Beatles include the songs, "Taxman," "Here Comes The Sun" and "Something," the latter described by Frank Sinatra as the greatest love song of all time.

The youngest member of the world's most famous pop group will always be remembered for his devotion to Oriental mysticism. It was he who persuaded the other Beatles to fly to India and sit at the feet of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

After The Beatles broke up in 1970 Harrison produced a few solo albums, and was the first of the four to top the UK singles charts as a solo artist with "My Sweet Lord." Later he helped form the group The Travelling Wilburys.

With Harrison's death, there now remain two surviving Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. John Lennon was shot to death by a deranged fan in 1980.

In 1998, when former smoker Harrison disclosed that he had been treated for throat cancer, he said: "It reminds you that anything can happen."

The following year, he survived an attack by an intruder at his mansion in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.

He was stabbed several times and suffered a punctured lung. In July 2001, he released a statement asking fans not to worry about reports that he was still battling cancer.

In July 2001, he released a statement asking fans not to worry about reports that he was still battling cancer.

Harrison's family issued a statement saying: "He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends. He often said, 'Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another."'

It wasn't immediately known if there would be a public funeral for Harrison. A private ceremony had already taken place, De Becker said.

Lennon's widow Yoko Ono paid tribute to Harrison, who she said brought magic to the lives of those who knew him.

"George has given so much to us in his lifetime and continues to do so even after his passing, with his music, his wit and his wisdom," she told The Press Association.

"His life was magical and we all felt we had shared a little bit of it by knowing him.

"Thank-you George, it was grand knowing you."
God Bless George

George Harrison was a gentle soul just searching for inner peace. But what he left behind was a legacy of beautiful music and cherrished memories. A wonderfully shy fellow who actually cared for his fellow man! God bless you Mr. Harrison and I hope you have finally found your inner peace:cry:
Come on man..They were still human beings...actual people..I guess if you are going to say that then you don't care about the ones that died in NY...I personally don't have any of their albums but have heard some of their songs..but it is sad when anybody who was as popular as he was and anybody from their band was dies...:cry: Come on man..That was just wrong though :rolleyes:
Scuba can kiss my ASS!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by scubaman13
Beatles can kiss my @$$, that group was crap.
Dude, how fu(King low class can you be? Part of the reason music is what it is today is because of the Beatles. If it wasn't for them all we would have is this rap ****. Ask any rock/metal band from the 70's or 80's and they'll list the Beatles as an influence. You obviously can't appreciate good music. Jesus, even that white trash Kid Rock considers the Beatles an influence. Give credit where credit is due man, the Beatles were a great band. Not every one of there songs was amazing but they had a hugh impact on the way music is today. Dolphin fan or not, that's a pretty sh!tty thing for you to say.:yell: :yell: :yell: :yell:
Thumbs up Jaydog57:p This guys an ass wipe! Not only is he inhuman but he has some serious issues dude! Maybe when he dies we can laugh and piss on his grave, I'm sure he would enjoy that:monkey:

Beatles can kiss my @$$, that group was crap.

i wouldn't say that was very cordial of you, i didn't really care for their music either, but if you read some of their interviews, they were really knowledgeable guys! they hit the scene when i was a senior in high school. saw em first on the ed sullivan show! :o
hold on

Don't mistake my dislike for the Beatles as a sense that it doesn't matter if he dies. It is a sad event when anyone dies, and you should feel for them. I just don't like how there will be a huge media coverage of the event, then some giant retrospective on why his life was so much better than the rest of ours and that hes some super person because he was a beatle.

It's tragic he died, its tragic anyone dies. Why sensationalize it, because he wrote songs?

Just wait, there will be a huge thing about it.
a couple good songs

Alright, the beatles have like 4 or 5 good songs, and they were an influence for some of todays artists. Fine. Show me a group that doesn't say the Beatles were an influence. It's all part of this super homage crap that they get.

Personally, I just can't listen to them for more than 5 minutes, whats wrong with that?
Re: hold on

Originally posted by scubaman13

It's tragic he died, its tragic anyone dies. Why sensationalize it, because he wrote songs?

Because music bonds people of all different types and he was part of a group that did that at a time when people needed to stay together more than ever. Anybody can write songs, but not everybody can make an impact like the Beatles. If you can write songs that will stand the test of time and still be considered great, then be my guest. I guess if you don't really appreciate artistry then you wouldn't understand. But hey, the world needs practical people too. Peace man.......:cool:
lets reflect here

That is all fine and great. My mom was in high school when the Beatles were big. They were huge for like 2 years she said, but then they died out. The only reason they've come back is because they wanted to sell more albums and came out with that stupid anthology. I bought one of them, because it had the I am the Walrus song, thats a good song, humorous. Another reason is people my age that are all pro Beatles are kinda wacked out annoying types... The revolutionary group of my time was Nirvana. I love Nirvana, but I felt the same way when he died because I hated the media sensationalism. Thats my only point I am getting at, the un needed media sensationalism.

Have a good weekend everyone, off to Pennsylvania for some reason or another. Go Miami this weekend!

Peace out
I don't want to come between two good friends on this issue. I am not an avid Beatles follower, in fact I totally detest "Michelle, my bell" for obvious reasons. :rolleyes: It is true that the Beatles influenced alot of today's rock bands, as did Elvis and Led Zepplin.

As a similar story, I remember when Princess Diana died. :cry: I cried for days and days. :cry: I watched the funeral and grieved. :( I remember watching her get married on TV when I was 10. I watched her blossom and understood her pain. She was very influencial. My best friend did not understand my grief. She thought it was ridiculous. She thought it was unfortunate that she died, but she thought the whole event was overdone. She became sick of hearing about it. I accepted her opinion even though I did not agree with it.

It is very unfortunate that George lost his life. I also feel for Paul, who has now lost two meaningful people to cancer. Of course, the first one being his wife, Linda.

All I can say is that opinions are like a$$holes and some of them stink. BUT, I believe everyone is entitled to THEIR opinion.

So, NO MORE FIGHTING!! :rolleyes: **Group hug** :D
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