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Best and Worst sports writers.....


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Mar 17, 2002
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Opium induced haze...
Who are some of your favorite writers? I really like Grant Wahl and Seth Davis at CNNSI, as well as Dr. Z(when he isn't rambling on about wine). Dan Pompei can be alright.

I don't mind Don Banks, Peter King can get on my nerves big time.

I hate Pat Kirwin and Pete Prisco. I think I could do a better job given the resources they have!! hehe

I know I have only mentioned a few names, and most of them are CNNSI, but that is the site I just left and have morning brainlock right now....opinions?
Least fav.=Pete Pricko (oops did I spell that wrong?)
Don't have a favorite though
I followed the Phins last season...

...almost exclusively through the Miami Herald coverage (except for the annual pilgrimmage which was the Broncos game and the Falcon's/Ravens games which were covered on TV).

I liked the analysis from Dan le Batard - his opinions pretty much matched mine for the Broncos game which gave me a high level of confidence in his analysis at other games. I can't say the same for Jason Cole who seems to be covering most of the current stories, in a rather bland way.:sleep:

I'd give Alex Marvez at the Sun Sentinel the time of day for his coverage of the off-season so far.

Unlike some of the other board members, I haven't seen anything worthy of the monkey in Prisco's comments. It's obvious he's not a Dolphan, but at the same time I don't find what he writes too contentious.:p
Gotta disagree - Peter King is an exceptional writer.

He tells it like it is and spices it up with interesting side comments. He's the guy I look forward to reading the most each week by a long way.
First off I just wanna say that King is an exceptional writer, I just don't like his style. He always has a meaningless Brett Favre or New England Patriot story in all of his articles. Makes me sick, and who in the hell wants to read about coffee? That turns me off him big time. HIs initial story about his first child in field hockey was alright, but now it is just ridiculous.

Also, a football column that has more to do with baseball fantasy leagues than actual football is madness. If I want to read about fantasy baseball I will go to a baseball site.

I don't often agree with what he says, or the things he writes so that turns me off in some ways, but some of his stuff is pure genious. Just find that the genious is less and less in each passing year. Much like Madden, but not to that degree yet!! hahaahahahaha
Fair enough - his offseason stuff is kinda lame but if he just wrote about players signing contracts it would turn into a list. I quite like the odd strange facts that he throws in:

Walking outside the Superdome Sunday night, in front of a gaggle of Pats fans, I happened upon a revival preacher holding up a Jesus sign and shouting into a bullhorn.



One of the New England fans -- and I can't be sure of this, but I believe he had been drinking -- screamed, "I'm going wherever Vinatieri goes! For the rest of my life I will follow him!"

That's some funny **** from a guy that was there. But I totally get what you're saying - the baseball and nasketball stuff is a pain but because he lets you know a bit more about him (like that stuff about his dog - that was really poignant) I find it engaging.

And Madden should have stopped years ago - a bit like Murray Walker (GazPhin'll get it).
Ya some of the side stories are funny, like that one. But how many times around the draft are we gonna hear about....."I bet Brett Favre was in Mississippi fishing....or hunting" or some story about how the Pats haven't signed any markee FAs.....blah blah blah.

What you find engaging is boring to me. No offence, I'm just saying I am there to read about football, not his dog. I really like Dr. Z.......but I tend to skip all his drivel about wine and the old days in the Army.....they just don't appeal to me.

Every writer has his own style that makes him unique, and sometimes it is entertaing, like Peter King with you, and sometimes it seems needless. But to each his own and I would never say anything to anyone about being a Peter King fan, nor would I call King's work anything but respectful.
I kinda like Edwin Pope....Miamis favorite "old fart". I see him from time to time on that new sports reporters show on ESPN. I think Michael Wilbon is pretty intelligent in an everyman kinda way. But Schaap...he did it Namaths show, writing a syndicate column, some announcing and commentary. His son his BIG shoes to fill if he is staying in this proffesion.
Dan LeBatard and Greg Stoda

LeBatard is a really good writer. I usually email him after I read one of his columns. They always end up being that good.

Greg Stoda is a turd. He NEVER has anything positive to say about the Phins. It always seems like he's sticking it to Phans. Possibly because he's from Chicago?? Should he ever visit, Stoda would be the Messiah of the DD board.
Hey 54.

You ever watch "Pardon the Interruption" on ESPN?? Now that is hilarious. :lol:
PTI rules!!!!! The only problem with it is that I have the feeling that Tony is a Jets fan (and maybe Yankees too), the two worst teams in Pro Sports, but it is still a good sports show in my mind.
My favorite was Micheal Mayo from the Sentinel. But he has moved on to do the Community section.

I really don't care for the Herald at all...but that's just me.
Yeah I've seen PTI and its schtick antics are funny but will wear thin after awhile. I know they were both beat writers for awhile in Baltimore/DC areas by the way they talk about the Redskins, Wizards, Ravens , and Orioles. The good cop bad cop bit is cool along with Stat Boy...
I like Role Play the most. The show is shot in DC and I know Wilbon writes for the Washington Post while Tony has a radio show on ESPN radio and I think he writes as well. However, Wilbon is from Chicago and Tony is from Long Island.
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