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Beware!! Read Now!!


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Feb 3, 2002
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Last night, someone claiming to be Iceblizzard69 IM'd me at 10:34 pm, right when we were starting the training camp chat. His AIM screen name was "TouchmySac" (lol).

Soon after initiating contact he said, "yo give me your addy iI have a killer RICKY WILLIAMS TEXAS Screensaver". I gave him my addy and he sent me mail. I bullsh*tted him, agreeing that it was AWESOME. But in fact, I didn't check my email till an hour later. When I IM'd him and told him he sent me a BACKDOOR TROJAN, no response. I figured, "Ice's just gone." So I emailed him. Luckily, my antivirus caught the infected email before it had a chance to download.

Well, this morning........Ice tells me he has no such screensaver and he doesn't know what I'm talking about. NOW I knew this guy was a fake. But here are a few discrepancies that I noticed right away:

1) BIG ONE: I gave "Ice" the link to the training camp chat we were having AS WE SPOKE. He just popped in and popped right back out. "I"m just surfing" he said. (BTW - if anyone wants the transcript, I've got it). That struck me as REALLY ODD!!

2) His email address was a yahoo account. Ice uses an AOL account. And no, I deleted the email's ASAP. Didn't know it was an imposter at the time.

More details to come. But I just thought I'd give the heads up to everyone. Someone is lurking here and is messing around. Had I known this was an imposter.....I would have taken other measures. But I've deleted most of the records.
I think its edge. Touchmysac imed me the other night and said some crap so I just blocked the guy. He never tried to give me a virus though.
Also, I only use one screen name on AOL which is iceblizzard69, and I don't use another messangers so if someone ims you on AOL and says its me but their screen name isn't iceblizzard69, that means that it isn't me.
Yeah, why would anyone else come at me like that?? I talked smack to Edge. So he's the only person who would possibly do this. Why would anybody else?? I have no enemies.

Whoever it is, he got really lucky. My money says he won't mess with me again.
bc i no who edge is.. and i talked to him.... he said he didnt do it.... he wouldnt do something that gay anyway
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