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Jun 29, 2002
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I usually just lurk on this board to see what's up but felt I had to reply to some of the messages I've read.

I hope the views of the posters on the board are just blowing smoke against the bills fans and don't honestly believe some of the things they are saying about Drew and Travis Henry.

I saw a post that Henry is the worst starting RB in the NFL. How he won't amount to much.
That's funny because Ricky Williams' and Henry's rookie seasons look almost Identical....

1999 NO 12 12 253 884 3.5 25 2 28 172 6.1 29 0 6

2001 213 729 3.4 25 4 22 179 8.1 40 0 5

Stats speak for themselves... ( I don't want to see anymore post about Henry's fumbles, Look at Ricky's!)

now about Drew, Here are the numbers on Brady 2001 (who according to some of you is a way better QB) and Drew's numbers for his last full season 2000.

comp %-----63.9----58.8
rush att/avg-36/1.2---44/3.4

This shows that both QBs are good. Brady played on a better superbowl team than the 2000 team Drew was on.
This myth that drew takes to many sacks and can't run, well I guess that's all shot to hell with these stats.

Please research your facts before post smack
Aloha and good luck this season!
Henry sucks just like the rest of the Bills team. I can't wait to watch the Dolphins defenders knock his frikken block off when they play. Bills finish no better then 5-11 with a washed up Bledsoe who won't even survive the entire season.
Henry will be a stud...Just wait...Let's talk about that one run Henry had on Miami in Buffalo when he bounced off about 5 Miami tacklers behind the LOS and still gained 20 yards. What a run. You guys didn't exactly stop Henry up in Buffalo.
No but what was the final score huh???? Dolphins kicked your butt and we'll do it again this year. Get out the brooms because we're going to sweep baby!!!!
Actually you DIDN'T kick the Bills' butts in that game, and if not for rookie Nate Clements fumbling a KO return in the last minute of the game, the Bills probably would have won it. Needless to say the Bills improved more than Miami did, so a Miami sweep is highly unlikely, especially with the game being in December.
The time of year makes no difference. Miami will sweep the Bills. The biggest reason the Dolphins have had a lot of December swoons is because they had no running game and you have to have a good running game in December because it's harder to throw the ball in colder weather. With Ricky on board and a better o-line, our running game will propel us in December.
Let us know when you get that "better O-line." Miami did nothing to upgrade it over the off-season, since Searcy is finished and McKinney is a rookie. We'll see how many times Ricky coughs it up in frigid temps.
All I can say is the Bills defense had better buckle their chin straps tight because Ricky is going to be hammering them all day long. You can tell that these Bills fans fear what Ricky is going to do to their defense. And to the airhead who thinks that Miamis o-line isn't going to be better then last don't have a clue. Our line had a lot of injuries last year so we had no continuity. We have Searcy who is healthy, more stability at the left tackle position this year, better depth and oh yeah we have a guy named Jamie Nails who is in the best shape he has ever been in and he just may smash a few of your defenders into the ground. That'll be a joy to see.
Henry will be a Top 15 back this year. Guaranteed. This guy was better than Jamal Lewis at Tennessee and will be a better Pro. Henry will run all over Larry Chester in the middle...You will not sweep the Bills. Guaranteed.
Hahahaha!! Run all over Larry Chester??? Now that IS funny. Larry Chester bench-presses 680 pounds which means he'll pick Henry up with one arm and stuff him into a worm hole on the field.
Larry Chester is a Part-Time player...He is no starter in the middle. Ever wonder why Henry is compared to Emmitt? Because he runs exactly like him. He put up admirable stats in 13 games behind a piss-poor Offensive Line. Isn't it going to be fun watching the helpless Fin DLs against Ruben Brown, Mike Williams, and Jonas Jennings...That it will be.
so much for intelligent post........

I thought maybe I would get some intelligent counter debate from the fish fans. I should have known better. instead I get
"were gonna sweep you" or "henry is the worst starting RB in the league".
Oppinions are fine the problem is everyone has some. so if you would like to back up your oppinions with some stats or facts great, if not we can continue with the "my dad can beat up your dad" post.

Aloha Eric
How can you post stats on how we are going to sweep you?

The only thing I can say is Fiedler is better than Bledsoe. Williams is better than Henry.
We went 11-5, you went 3-13. We swept you last year. That's the only real things I can say. I can get the stats that Fiedler is better than Bledsoe and Williams better than Henry if you want me to.
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