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Boomer you're on fire!

Hey if Castillo or Patterson goes here, I am buying a lottery ticket.
Boomer has been dead on....DEAD ON....BTW Parrot...I told you so!!!!!!!! (since it is in vogue today)
ckparrothead said:
LOL, you're kickin my butt, but NFL Draft Countdown is still in the lead.

Scott HAS to be cheating!! :)
Boomer said:
Scott HAS to be cheating!! :)
Hey mate, do you think that Baas could start for us at center as a rookie?

Ozzy rules!!
Don't think so Danny. To me in the NFL he's a pure G.
I'd like Mike Patterson if there but I have ahorrible feeling the Pats will take him.
I already congratulated Boomer earlier, but why not do it again...


You da MAN!
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