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BREAKING NEWS!!! Dolphins sign Cris Carter!!!!


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Jan 26, 2002
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Originally posted by Bufbill1080
Who are you kidding? We are playing you guys in DECEMBER in the Cold stadium of Orchard Park....Ralph Wilson Stadium!!! We all know what happens to the Dolphins in And they can't handle the cold either! hehe :D They break down and fall apart and just squeak into the playoffs! LOL :lol:
If there is ANY team this season that will need a boatload of luck,, your jILLS are at the head of the list ! That cold senario is as old as that s*** stains on old Ralphy Wilson's teeth:lol: ,, all you have is E- Molds and maybe T- Henery on offense that is it , and the iLLLS secondary is the only good part of their defense. Without somebody to pressure the qb - the conerbacks are a non factor, L- Fletcher is a good pickup but he will be limited in his play because after him, the L-B talent drops of significantly ! So tell us jILLY bOY fan,, which type of bristles do prefer ? straw or plastic ? because this season, you might be picking (those bristles) along with the entire broom, out of your big fat jILLY BOB mouth !!!! thanks for the 2 wins this season ... :lol: :rolleyes: Marino1983
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