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Sep 11, 2002
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Just read a report that Brian Griese sprained his ankle tripping over his dog and falling down his stairs. He is probable for his game this week although he said he was swollen and sore. Man Brian,:shakeno: maybe you should borrow your father's glasses or something bro :goof:
I'll bet $100 that the real story is that he was drunk and fell down the stairs. He has a history of alcohol "mis-use." What a drunk. Sure am glad we never drafted that idiot.
$15,000,000.00 he can't handle that type of money...If he's being paid that much..was is the rest of the team making ..pennies..1 player..15m cap #..whoa.
I don't know why but this story is just making be giggle with delight. I for whatever reason do not like Brian Griese. He seems like a punk to me. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth or something to that effect. I hope Beurlein starts and takes away Griese's starting spot?

:monkey: Bob's busted condom which allowed Brian to be born
Too funny, that means if Griese insn't 100% and they lose they are gonna blame the loss on the dog.

Resulting One liners:

Maybe we should try to pick up Griese's dog as a backup pass rusher...

I'll bet Brian is in Shannahan's doghouse now!

I heard Brian wanted to be a kicker and he was just practicing his "Pooch Kick".

Thanks very much ladies and gentlemen Im here all week and don't forget to tip your waitresses...
13isgr81 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA good stuff, Maybe Brian was distracted listening to THREE DOG NIGHT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wait that sucked...nevermind
Capt. Dick, last offseason he was drunk and tripped and fell in his parking lot and injured something...his shoulder I believe, I could be wrong on that though
Last year he fell at a party at terrel davis ,in the drive way chip a tooth and brused his face up , the shoulder injury happen during the season.

I don't know whether it true or not but I'll tell you what my german shepard has clip my wife in the back of the leg a couple of times, once causing her to hurt her knee as stupid as that sound it is possible
i bet he was drunk and just fell down the stairs or his wife didnt want him no more so his wife threw em' down there.

lol but funny store. i might post this on the boards on the broncos sites.
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