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Brock Marion and Terrell Buckley


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Apr 8, 2005
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Let's bring em back to at least compete for a spot, anyone know what their prices are, if we could afford em?
Agent51 said:
Let's bring em back to at least compete for a spot, anyone know what their prices are, if we could afford em?
Whats their asking price? I don't know, how much do they charge for pudding at the old folks home?
No to Tbuck
Maybe to Marion if the price is ok
Marion did well for the Dolphins and Buckley had his moments. I would take Bukley back at the minimum to compete for backup CB and in certain CB sets, dime or Saban defense for 3rd down and long, etc. :evil:
No need for Buckley, we have 3 cb's already better (Madison, edwards, Howard), 1 that should be better easily (Poole), and 1 that can contribute (Daniels). Where's tbuck gonna play? 6th CB?

Marion, Id be receptive to only cause we're so weak at safety that at the very least he brings experience and he can compete.

I dont think either will happen. i think Saban is intent on giving the young kids a shot so he'll know what he needs.
I'd take them both back at vet minimum, with some incentives in the contracts. :D

Marion because we need a vet to teach some of the younger safety guys, and Buckley is BETTER than Edwards and Howard, IMHO. Not that we can cut Howard due to the cap hit (maybe after June 1st?) but Mario could be shown the door. It would be good to have a crafty old vet to help Madison teach the young guys, and provide good depth for Nickel and Dime defenses.

Not that I expect to see either guy back with the Dolphins, but I'm not comfortable with the secondary we have right now.
No and no. That's way in the past these TWO players. Players that fit into a different D scheme than the one we run now.
My Grandma can roll her wheelchair faster then Marion can run. Let him retire already.
these guys are just shades of themselves now - like burnt toast
DonShula84 said:
We're trying to get younger, those guys dont help in that area

Tell me how Kevin Carter or Vonnie Holiday helped us get younger?

You need to get good experienced players to help the younger guys. plus even if you are rebuilding you still want to be competative. both these guys could help us in those areas. i doubt we bring either of them in. but i would like it if they both came back.
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