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Chad Brown released


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Feb 2, 2005
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I didn't see the thead...if it's already out there...sorry....and I hope the mods will merge it.

anyway..He was released earlier today when the signed Sharper to a 5 year deal.

I wrote about a month ago and again when Sharper was released by the Texans that Brown is exactly the guy Saban should try to sign to a 2 year deal. He's exactly what Saban has said he wants (minus the youth) in a LB. Big, Strong, good tackler, still has a bit of speed, and is a "quality" guy who will be active in the local area.

cutting some of the fat, Bowens(not tim :) ), trading Surtain, restructuring Zach and Jason, and possibly cutting or trading S- Akins (who I actually like), and even possibly restructuring Howard would not only give us the money to sign out draft picks but also get Brown.

As for a contract, I think we could possibly get Brown for roughly 1.5 mil a year in a 2 year deal. I may be way off but I think he's a perfect fit....oh, and having Spragan as a backup (if brown signed) isn't a bad thing...we didn't give Spragan a ton of money anyway so there's no pressure to start him.


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Sep 11, 2002
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Something tells me that Chad Brown and any other free agents are the furthest thing from Saban's mind right now. I like your thought process but I think it is too late for us to sign him now.
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