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Chubb Lightly Running Without Brace

I don’t believe Chubb or Phillips’ injury had any impact on the team selecting Chop. I would be shocked to see him start on a high snap count week 1 in Weaver’s system. I don’t see him being more than a situational pass rusher early on.

My point in all this is that both players are going to be healthy when we need them. They will be healed from their injuries before the season starts even if it takes part of the first half of the season to get into “game shape”. I personally expect to see both of them on the field some time in October (even if it is on a snap count).
I agree. I think he was their BPA and provides monster depth at that position of Phillips and Chubb are healthy.
Here we agree. Chubb is NOT elite. He's not one who by himself, can disrupt an O. He is, though, a good player when teamed up with one or more players who are also good (e.g., JP).

And that's my point in a nutshell, we didn't get what we paid for. Especially when you consider what he did in the Titans game.

I'm ready for the Chop Robinson era. That kind of ability is rare. Praying that Phillips gets back to near 100% (at some point) to see that duo tear it up for the next 5 years.
Chubb is the type of player where there's always something off with him. Usually it's injuries but even when healthy, he still manages to find ways to f*** things up.

It was infuriating watching him get to Justin Fields multiple times a few years ago, and not have the ability to make the tackle. I get that Fields is a tremendous athlete, but his tackling is very suspect imo because he plays too stiff and too high.

Last year he essentially wrecked our entire season by taking off his helmet, again because he sucks at tackling. I know it's just one moment but it was critical, like when Waddle inexplicably fumbled the ball against MIN a few years ago. These terrible unforced mental errors derail the entire season, we've got to be smarter and that starts with cool guy Mike McDaniel. S*** or get off the pot in 2024, win a playoff game or get lost. I'm done with the excuses.
I'm praying we get Jaelen Phillips back at his best. I know some don't rate him around here, but I think coordinators around the league would disagree. Even when double teamed he gets held a lot. If you don't stop him he's a game wrecker, stats aside.
They didn't select Chop because they expected these guys back for game 1.

Mid season is when I expect them back, its not just the injury its the muscle rebuild and trust that takes quite a bit of time.
Yeah - plus the org wants to use them sparingly until later… honestly I think the team needs ANOTHER pass rusher - bc realistically it can take a full year plus to properly rehab and get these players back to form… fans are unrealistic … they drafted 2 - they paid 2 off fa - now we need two more from the scrap heap - Chubb in Dec - Phillips late October - and both eased into rotation…
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