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D. Rodgers : This Could Be Good!!!


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
After reading most of your responses, and regarding the overall lack of talent that D. Rodgers has displayed since becoming a Dolphin, maybe this is just what we needed.....

Most of us are in agreement that he isn't a very good OLB. Am I correct???.....Is there any Phinz fans out there who has been sold on the play of D. Rodgers???

Maybe this will open the door for LB S. Galyon to step in and take over. I've watched him, and he has improved quite a bit since joining us. He's got more intensity IMO, and he plays with the kind of aggressivness you need at LB. Something D. Rodgers has very little of, if any at all....

D. Rodgers a.k.a. "the invisible man", has been quite disappointing from the very beginning of his career here, and I think it may be time for a change. Let's face it, he's never been a stand out player, and I rarely ever see him make any solo tackles without Zach saving his ***....

LB S. Galyon could be the answer to this dilema afterall. He, even in the very short time he has filled in, made an impact on me. I didn't like him at first, but he came along nicely, and showed some promising signs of improving when given the opportunity...

Depth is still shallow, but it's really too late to go shopping. If this becomes a virus within the organization, I say give S. Galyon the position, and let D. Rodgers take the train.....

What do you guys think???

Galyon is awful! He would have to have come a LOOOOOONG way for the coaches to have any faith in making him a starter. They are going to have to watch that waiver wire with a magnifying glass once camps get going to salvage our already weak LB corp.
If Rodgers is out we need another OLB no matter how good or bad Galyon responds. Who would that leave us as back ups? Hendrick and who else? It looks bad for our LB core, Greenwood is already a major ? and now we have one on both sides.

I have to agree that Rodgers is not the OLB we thought he would be after his first season but we still need the guy...

he's good for covering TE and has leadership....

Galyon....NO WAY...I'm not sold on this guy... He is no starter, he's a backup OLB & a ST player....Especially since he missed his sack on Warner on the last play of the 2nd Q last season:yell:
I think your wrong about S. Galyon SoFlaFan....Not completely though.

He's not the best LB I'll admit, but he showed more energy, and agressiveness than D. Rodgers IMO.....

I thought he was horrible at first, but then after awhile he looked much more comfortable. He's fast to the ball, and this defense relies on speed. Ragardless, we could find a better replacement than S. Galyon I agree....

The main reason I like him over D. Rodgers is because we really don't have the money to sign anybody else. If we did, I'd agree with you that we should look for a more "sure thing" at OLB other tha S. Galyon.....

A Crazy Idea : How about this....

Move J. Taylor to OLB. Let him play out the role as a pass rusher and a run defender. He's got the speed to rush, and the ability to cover......Sounds Crazy I Know.

Than let R. Burnett/D. Bowens/D. Gardener/A. Ogunleye play the DE positions in a rotating role....Keeping all of them fresh.

Have our DL and LB core look like this....

LDE - R. Burnett/D. Bowens
LDT - L. Chester/J. Haley
RDT - T. Bowens/E. Grant
RDE - D. Gardener/A. Ogunleye

OLB - J. Talylor/S.Galyon
MLB - Z.Thomas/T. Hendricks
OLB - M. Greemwood/ T. Russell

AM I INSANE???......

Taylor can probably handle a move there, but it wouldn't be wise. He's a stud at end and would seriously compromise our DL, esp with Gardener's questions. This would have to be an extreme "last resort" scenario, but would rather take my chances on the waiver wire... which will keep us waiting...
Scott Galyon didn't miss Warner on that TD. It was Twan Russell.

Galyon looked good down the stretch. But you guys must have missed a lot of what Derrick Rodgers did last year. He does play with aggressiveness and intensity. And he's got a hell of a lot more speed than Galyon. But he can still improve.

The thing I like about Rodgers is that he plays well down the stretch. Granted, I wish he'd get on track earlier. But he's there down the stretch.
Everybody's writing the guy off already. I'm not making excuses here- there's never any reason to hit a woman- but let's find out what was going on and why this happened before we all decide he's the second coming of OJ. I'm also of the opinion that, talent wise, he is still much better than anyone else on the team, or anyone else likely to be available so hopefully this isn't something prevasive in his life.

Believe me, if this is his first offense, he will serve zero jail time. He'll likely get probation, if convicted, with a prescription to attend anger management classes. BTW, this has nothing to do with his "celebrity status" either, it's simply the way the law works.
I beleive that the coachs don't let Rodgers use his talent properly. His rookie year Jimmy had Rodgers using his speed and blitzing the QB and RB on handoffs. Then they changed things and have him play more of a read and react role. Wanny let DR loose and let him fly all over the field using his awsome speed.
d rodgers has been gettin better every year . i doubt he will ever be great but he will always e solid and hard to relplace
Why would you move one of the best defensive ends in the game to linebacker? It should be the other way around, if a linebacker proves to be really good and an excellent passrusher he gets moved to End...like Peter Boulware and like John Abraham.

Moving Jason Taylor to linebacker is like taking Zach Thomas out of the front seven and having him concentrate purely on special teams. Sure he'll make the special teams pretty good but what in the heck is the point.
Anybody ever watch tape and see how solid Rodgers is? His pass coverage improved A LOT since even 2 years ago. he is now an "all downs LB". He is NEVER asked to rush the QB, which was a strength coming out of Arizona State.

How often do you see the guy out of position?

He might not stand out, but he doesn't hurt our team either. He is making good money, but not great money. Can he play better? i think everybody on our team can.

How many BIG plays does Tim Bowens make in a game? Not many, but dude is solid and NEVER out of position. Much like Rodgers.

I too run with the crowd that thinks DR takes a lot of uneccesary crap from the fans.
We can't have all-stars at every position, and DR certainly is not an all-star. He will be back for this season, but our depth at Linebacker is still very thin with no future stars on the horizon. Dajesus is right, we are looking bad at this position but management is too obsessed with the defensive line to do anything about it.
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