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Darnay Scott??


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May 2, 2002
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Word is that the Bengals, are looking to sign Michael Westbrook and release Scott. Do you guys think he would be a worthwhile addition to the team, if he came in at a fair price?
At a fair price, hecks yeah. At a not fair price, hecks naw. But we dont have the money for him and a DE.
WRs are all set unless you'd rather cut OG or Ward or McK for him :confused:
Actually given Ward's injury history I would actually rather cut Ward for Darnay Scott, however I don't believe Darnay would accept a 4th WR role, and I still dont believe we could make that work from a salary cap perspective even cutting Ward.

If we could have gotten Keenan McCardell I would have been ok with cutting Oronde Gadsden or James McKnight though I think McKnight will be kinda important to Norv's system. Darnay Scott is pretty good but I'm not sure I'd cut Gadsden in favor of him...
This is Darnay Scott's career to keep things in perspective. In actuality he's probably better than any WR on our roster except Chambers because of Chambers' upside.

1994.......46 for 866 yards, long of 76, 5 TDs
1995.......52 for 821 yards, long of 88, 5 TDs
1996.......58 for 833 yards, long of 50, 5 TDs
1997.......54 for 796 yards, long of 77, 5 TDs
1998.......51 for 817 yards, long of 70, 7 TDs
1999.......68 for 1022 yards, long of 76, 7 TDs
2000.......Did Not Play
2001.......57 for 819 yards, long of 49, 2 TDs

I believe he tore an ACL in 2000 or somethin like that but he came back and made a strong showing the first year back. Not to mention, he did a lot of these numbers with absolutely piss poor quarterbacks like Akili Smith, Scott Mitchell, Jon Kitna, etc. Played in Carl Pickens' shadow in the early part of his career and in the latter part of his career played with some of the ****tiest QBs the NFL has ever seen.
I like D. Scott alot, but with us deeply involved in the R. Burnett deal, it doesn't look like a possibility at this time....

I don't know what his price would be either. It shouldn't be too much more than what J. McKnightis making. McKnight makes more than he should in my opinion as it is.....

And if you look at those stats it's not like they had a great offense those years or anything their line has sucked!! I would take Darnay Scott!! I just wish we could get rid of Jeff Ogden!
I would hold Darnay almost in the same regard as Johnnie Morton, who I also would have liked to see the Phins sign. Guy like Morton would give us Chambers' double for the next 3 years or so. Probably the same with Scott.

I'd hold Darnay Scott easily in the same esteem as Keenan McCardell, probably higher. Money-wise could it work? Where there's a will, there's a way. I don't think there's a will.
I'd take Scott and drop Ward in a heartbeat.... Looks like Burnett will be a Dolphin now, so we'd have to cut somebody. Definate keepers are Chambers, Gadsden... McKnight didn't do as well as he could/should have last year, but he is a veteran starter, and had a couple good years in Dallas... he can do it...if he holds on to the ball... Ward had a few bright spots with the Jests... but was never a starter, and never showed any consistancy. Plus, he's had injury problems since we got him...
I say we drop Ward and pick up Scott (who is a huge deep threat, and proven starter). Then re-align the WR's with Chambers #1, Gadsden #2, Scott #3, & McKnight #4. To me that looks like a dangerous recieving corps!
If it was feasible I would gladly sign Darnay Scott and get rid of McKnight. Scott has always been a more dependable deep threat than McKnight. Also with Scott being a San Diego St. player(a teamate of Marshall Faulk on some very explosive offensive teams there) he is well schooled in being able to play in a complex passing offense.
I totally disagree Wharfrat.

I like Darnay Scott as much as anyone, however you can't just expect to make room for his salary by cutting DEDRIC WARD, our 4th WR.

Oronde Gadsden's getting like 2-3 million by now in his contract and his contract is up soon so there's not much signing bonus to accelerate.

James McKnight is in like his second year of a 4 year 10 million contract or something like that he's getting I think a little over 2 million this year. Paid too highly? In retrospect maybe a little. But then again he's the most versatile WR we have Norv's already got big plans for him. Not to mention he's not very far along in his contract so cutting him means a LOT of signing bonus accelerated against the cap.

Dedric Ward....well, cutting him probably saves us what 650-700k? Whatever it is, its probably a 3rd of what Scott would garner.

So I mean pick your poison here. If you somehow restructure other peoples' contracts and tax our future for our present so that we could manage to drop Ward and get Scott, then you're faced with having Oronde Gadsden, James McKnight, or Darnay Scott in a 4th WR role, depending on how you think they stack against each other, each at over 2 million bucks a pop. There is such thing as TOO MUCH depth at WR. You're paying these guys all this money, to not even contribute. Heck in Norv's offense the 3rd WR doesn't even come close to playing as important a role as he did in Chan's offense where the ball was meant to be spread evenly between 3 WRs. So you're paying over 2 million to two guys who are basically injury insurance and smalltime role players???

Doesn't quite sit well with me I guess. Then again, if you try and cut James McKnight in favor of Darnay Scott, which talent-wise makes sense, then you've got another problem...cutting JM prematurely means we dont save much on the cap and would probably still have to restructure someone, take money from another area of the team, and tax our future for our present. I know Oronde Gadsden has become somewhat of a fan favorite with his unbelievable catches but ya gotta ask ourselves is he really that valuable to us? Does he fit the Norv Turner system, as opposed to McKnight, Scott, and Chambers? Its a hard choice, but if I were gonna take on Darnay Scott, I'd probably want to cut Gadsden in order to do it. To me it sounds like the most painless way to do it.
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