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daryl gardener

after reading jason coles article i am becoming a little concerned about dg... i do not think he will get cut this year because its to much of a cap hit but he may get cut next june 1...he also already restructured his contract for this year...the article said that he is having some personal problems so i think he will be fine once camp starts...i am looking forward to see him at de...
'roid boy...............

i still think d.g. is doing steroids. that would explain all this jeckyl and hyde and some of his "personal problems".

i have had 2 back surgeries, i know what it's like. very hard to come back from, expecially for a guy like d.g.with the physical demands pro football puts on you.

you can see daryl worrying about losing his carreer [he contemplated retiring a year and a half ago], then all of a sudden boom, he is back on the line doing his thing.

d.g. is also a workout freak, and i think he could see his physique slipping [in his mind anyways] and that coupled with the risk of not playing again could easily push him to steroid use.

he was becoming a team leader, a favorite of the players and now no one can stand him? confrontations with he coach, freaky outbursts, etc.......

all marks of steroids. and all this behavior poping up since the back thing started.

i wonder how much the finz may know about it and maybe d.g. is being shuffled off and replaced before the poop all hits the fan.
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Interestig speculation Clayton. While I generally don't buy into this type of thing until something breaks, you've made some very valid points. I'm beginning to think less and less of DG as this offseason goes on, and am actually hoping that the Phins do sign Josh Evans to replace him.

If, in fact, DG is a roided out freak of nature (pure speculation) and is causing problems in the locker room and away from the field, he needs to be gone. I've loved watching him, and have loved cheerring for him, but as these stories continue to mount in the news, one has to go with the preponderance of the evidence and say that, perhaps, the guy just isn't worth it any more. :(
Could be roids.. could also be just the stress of seeing his career slip away. who knows.. I wanna see how he performs and holds up at end before I go making any judgement on him.
Honestly its questionable as to whether Gardener would be worth the money to stay here this year. I don't believe we would LOSE money by cutting him because only half of the accelerated signing bonus gets put on this year's cap and I seriously doubt that half of the undepreciated signing bonus is greater than his base salary this year.

But as it is he's slated to play DE during run downs and DT during pass downs. I'm wondering if the coaches think he can play even that much. I doubt it. So if that means you have to start taking away his snaps at DT on pass downs (which a Josh Evans signing would indicate) then you've got to wonder if its worth it to have that salary sitting on our shoulders for yet another season for the equivalent of a more injury-prone Kenny Mixon.
if he gets injured again this year i think the phins need to cut there losses and go on, but i say give him a chance this year
Problem with that is if you cut him before June 1st next year its possible that cutting him doesnt save us anything but rather costs us money. If we wait til June 1st, we've PROBABLY missed the opportunity to sign a quality guy for help at the DT position. This year to be honest with you I think its a lucky coincidence that guys like Sam Adams and Josh Evans are both available this late in the game. If we cut DG now our savings on the base salary I BELIEVE outweighs the half of the undepreciated signing bonus that would get accelerated, and I know for sure that next year's base salary outweighs the half signing bonus hit.
No More Sugar Coating The DL.....

OK, now that some of you have finally come to the realization that the rumors regarding D. Gardener are actually credible, let's try not to suager coat this dilema along the DL anylonger.....

So many of you seem to think that we're fine along the DL, and have been dismissing the facts....

We're not fine....In fact, we're in trouble.

If this garbage with DG continues, and we decide not to address it soon, it doesn't look good.....

The Phinz coaching staff and front office are obviously concerned beyond the health issues regarding DG. He's turned into a disruptive, selfish player in a very short period of time....

If we can't keep him somewhat under raps, and change his recent attitudes towards his team mates, we need to release him right away, and look elsewhere before it's too late....

There are still a couple of very solid DT/DE's available, but keeping DG around is making it next to impossible for us to sign any of them.....If we rleased him, it would free up enough cap space this season to get it done. If we wait, we're done.

R. Burnett isn't going to handle the load by himself at DE if DG doesn't play at full speed. D. Bowens is still learning the position, and hasn't proven to be a full time pass rusher just yet.

Keeping DG around is like a time bomb waiting to explode IMO. Either it's time to move forward without him, or it's time to realize that we've made a mistake keeping him around.....

Face it, he's not getting any better. He's getting worse.....

We need to move on without him. Not wait around to see IF he can change his ways....


D. Gardener
Man i think the July sun has gotten you a bit paranoid my friend. I think we are relatively fine along the Dline, a lot better off then a lot of teams are. We have a good group of DTs that can rotate. We have a probowl DE on one side. The other side has 4 or 5 DIFFERENT possabilities. If DG, Burnett, Bowens, Ogunleye can't get it done we are in slight trouble.

We are talking about 1 position here man. 1!!! Our line isn't in shambles at all.

Cutting DG wouldn't do much. until OTHER players come out and say DG needs to SHUTUP, i won't bother talking about his 'tude, good or bad.

There are decent DT/DEs out there, but none that have the potential of a healthy DG. Yes it is a role of the dice, but one I'm willing to take. If he gets cut, so be it, we will move on.

As soon as TC starts we'll have more to talk about, it is just so damn quiet now that we need something to talk about, but I don't think the "state" of our Dline is one of them.
you guys are blnd, you can't see that your dl is ****. It is bad, you need to improve the line and replacing DG would be a good start. Taylor is your only bright spot (and even he is aging and his stats are dropping), and don't be so naive to think that all your injury-pone DL's will be healthy and have break-out years. also i have heard lots of bull **** about david bowens being a great DE who could improve the line! get real, the guy sucks, WE even cut him and we aren't that deep at DE. When Bills Fans can say that our DL is better than Miami's, you have problems. There are WAY TOO MANY If's on you defensive line.
I'm not here to bash, but to give you a "Dr. Phil" type chat -I'm tellin' it like it is.

-Listen to Blitzkreig, he realizes you have only 2 proven starters who can handle the load next year, cut DG and sign somebody!!!
whats so good about the bills d-line??? u can not say that ur d-line is better than ours!!!!u guys finished 6th last in rushing yards allowed last year with 2118 yards...that is 132.4 per game!!! u were tied for 2nd last with 20 rushing tds allowed...and 3rd last in rushing 1st downs allowed!!! now other than pat williams being healthy after missing 3 games last year what has the all great buffalo bills done to improve their defensive line????????
bills fans suck.................

MOULDSSUCKS: that crappy d-line of ours has been good enough to sweep your sorry azzes the last couple of years plus sack your qb's like the bags of $hit that they are.

are we the best d-line? nope. are we better than yours? yep, by a long shot. dumbass move letting d. bowens go, he will be a player.

ask drew how much he thinks our d-line sux. we have made a living sacking that worthless, overpaid turd. it will be the same for him this year. you will be begging for rob johnson back!

nice picture of your mom by the way. thats sweet you honor her like that with a picture under your board handle.

i'll bet she's proud!

:monkey: on the bills.

4-12 and swept by the finz in 2002.
DG is not a "Make it or Brake it" player as far as our chances to go the SB go. If we could make a serious push for Sam Adams, I say release DG and go after Sam. If not...keep DG and see what happens next year.
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