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Daryl Gardener

He's not on any roster right now. I hope he doesn't get signed again.
I think that Gardener retired from football last year.
yea he was on the broncoes last year haven't heard much since
Yes he did. Not only with The Broncos organization, but also the Denver and Aurora, CO communities. After he pummeled a man at an IHOP here in town, breaking his hand in the process, that guy couldn't get out of town fast enough.
azfinfanmang said:
Didnt he get in a bunch of trouble while with the Broncos?
azfinfanmang said:
I just found this via espn. Not sure if the link will work or not.
Glad he left when he did.... This might be porn-stache's only good moves.


You mean other than to get Chambers, McMicheal, Todd Wade, Donald Lee, McKinney, Greenwood, Moore, A. Freeman, and Wade Smiht as draftees, then he got R. Williams, Chester, Ogunleye, D. Boston, Sammy Knight, Seau, J. Feidler, D. Thompson, Todd Perry, Nails, Jay Williams, D. Romero, Grant, Yates, and Zgonia as FA's while he was GM\HC. Speilman in my opinion, started the rebuild as he should have, because we weren't getting anywhere with the O we had and the depth on D they had...So we had to give up a year to get some seasoning on the OL, that's a good price to set us up for years. Plus last year was the first year we actually had LB depth.
Gardner got ran out of Denver by week 4 of the 03 season. Last off-season he agreed to sign with the Bengals but was forced to retire due to a bad back.
azfinfanmang said:
Didnt he get in a bunch of trouble while with the Broncos?

Yep last I heard he got into a fight with a couple guys outside an IHOP
here in Colorado. :D
Damn that guy had talent. He and Bowens were really good together when they were young.
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