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Do you like 'em big or small?


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Jul 2, 2003
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How do you like your recievers to be? Do you want them big, tall and strong or small, quick and fast? More and more teams are turning to the bigger recievers because they are easier targets and can out jump CB's. However, teams like the Colts have obviously had plenty of success with 3 smaller WR's.

What kind of recievers would you have on your team if you were the coach?
I would love to have a TO type WR on this team. They can run over the defenders and it will be harder to tackle them with one person.
I would prefer a mixture of guys both big and small. This way if a team's strength is stopping say the big reciever then you still have the small guy to beat em with.
I'd have a small guy and a big guy as my starters, that way you can get a big catch when you really need it from your big guy and you can hit the bomb with your small guy
I'd like one like Randy Moss without the baggage. Tall, very fast, and can catch anything.
I really don't care as long as they can catch just about any pass thrown to them. Secondly, in order to catch they've got to be able to get open so the QB can get the ball to them. So their route running and getting off the jams is desirable. Then the measureables, jumping ability, turning the hips to make arcobatic catches, toughness, ability to block, being selfish without being disrupted to the team.
Finally character, maybe this should be #1, okay it's #1, then being able to catch #2.
I agree with having a good mixture of big and smaller recievers. I love what Brandon Stokley does in the slot for the Colts. He's very quick with great hands, finds a holes very fast in the defense and of course with P. Manning the ball is going to be where it needs to be.
JTaylor99 said:
I'd like one like Randy Moss without the baggage. Tall, very fast, and can catch anything.
Having a unique player, like Moss without the baggage!, can really help the rest of your WR core and offense for that matter, because every play they create a mismatch.
I like the ones brady uses. Whatever size they are, the ball gets into their hands and they catch it.
there are a lot of tall WR's who are still Really fast........ Gimme one of those
When I saw the title of this thread, I was about to come in here and remind you that this sort of stuff belongs in the Ladies Lounge forum but then I saw what you were getting at so I decided to answer. I think I'd rather have taller receivers with different abilities. A mixture of speed guys and possession guys as well as over the middle guys. But I would want them all to be tall.
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