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Dolphin ProBowlers need help


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Sep 3, 2001
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Now that we have sign3 secured we need to concentrate on something else. Getting Taylor, Thomas, Madison, Marion, & Mare to the probowl. Currently none are the top vote getter at their position nor starters. Lets all vote a few times a day & get our deserving Dolphins to Hawaii.

Just click on the big probowl logo & vote away.
Speakin of Pro Bowling, my game has really sucked lately. I used to bowl over 200, but now I can't get over a 180! What the hell's with that? I've tried everything, maybe I need to use bigger balls...:cool:
That's a great idea but.....

votes from the fans aren't weighed as heavily as votes from players and coaches. Voting a million times for the Dolphins might help, but if none of the players or coaches vote on our Fins, then they don't stand a good chance.

:monkey: San Fran, you're NEXT!
Oh yeah, dont vote for any other AFC players than Dolphins, we dont want to hurt our guys chances.

A little weight is better than no weight.
Well, sometimes it depends more on how well you can contol them. The better you use em, the longer you can play.;)
Who is currently the #1 vote getter at mlb, de, k? the other guys I'm not sure they had pro bowl years. the crazy thing is due to lack of a great qb in the afc if Jay has 4 more games like the last 3 he will probably go. right now the pro bowl qbs would be Gannon, Kordell, and Brady. Gannon is a lock, but the other 2 could go down quick.
I'm sick of hearing about Ray Lewis as if he is so much more evolved than any other mlb in the league. Zach is a better player even w/Gardener and Bowens having trouble w/injuries.

Ray's Stats:117 tackles 2.5 sacks 1int 1 ff

Zach's Stats: 125 tackles 1.5 sacks 2ints 2 ff 1 td

It isn't rocket science to see who is having the better year!
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