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Dolphins 2002 Schedule????


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Feb 12, 2002
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Orange County, CA
Does anyone have any idea as to when the schedule for this year comes out? I'm going on my honeymoon in October and if there's a home game in Miami that weekend we're going to be taking a detour in order to see the game. It's hard to figure out though without a schedule.:rolleyes:
Unfortunately, that doesn't help much with the travel plans but thanks for the link anyway. :)
the schedule usually comes out during the owners meetings, which start March 17, in Orlando, if I am not mistaken
Thanks 39! I can't wait to get married and having the opportunity to see a 'Fins home game would just be the icing on the cake. I'm still trying to win her over to football (she's a hockey fan) and I think a good home game would do a lot for my cause.

And bless your union to come. :)

If your fiancee is big fan of any kind of sports (you said she likes hockey), she will get hooked watching a Fins game live. I'm a diehard football fan and I love to watch March Madness also. I watched very little hockey, BUT I went to my first hockey game in person at the First Union Center in Philly to watch them play the Maple Leafs last Sunday and I loved it. There is nothing better than going to watch a sport live.
Congrats Expo 88!! :D I read the schedule comes out the first week of April this year. :) And no, I don't have a link! :lol:
By the way congrats, I was at the Fins game at Denver when Elway was retiring, There were so many of us (Fins fans) at the game. The Fins Defense kicked Denvers butt.........That is my story of a live game, I will never forget it...........Good luck!
My stories of live games:

Raiders game 2001 in Miami - Watching Fiedler score the winning touchdown in my endzone with 5 seconds left from row 25. :eek: PRICELESS!! :D

Colts playoff game 2000 in Miami - Watching Lamar Smith run into the endzone in overtime in front of a quiet, standing crowd as he scores the winning touchdown, hearing 74,000+ cheer and fireworks explode as we all realized together that we were headed for Round 2!! :eek: PRICELESS!! :D

And that's what it's all about................... :D
Hey 13, those avitars are getting better all the time!!!!!!!
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