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Mar 31, 2005
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If we were to trade down with the Redskins what picks would we get in return?
I think I would probably take Gardner over the third rounder believe it or not. Saban probably wouldnt, but I am a big Gardner fan. I think he has tremendous potential, and he is a big target that Feeley will love. I think (not sure) he has a similar build to Thompson, maybe even bigger, and AJ mentioned how he loved throwing to Derrius because he is such a big target.
F gardener. I want Braylon. I hope they put in a second and a third if we do that trade.
CanadianPhinFan said:
Well I guess we'd get Rod Gardner too...or a 3rd round pick, somethin along those lines.

Which is why I like it better than Minnys
We'll be lucky if we get #9 and #25. I'd love to get #9, #25, and Gardner, but I'd take #7 and #18 instead...
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