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Dolphins can make a run with Williams

Wow, even ESPN is using the McFarlane Williams-as-Dolphin toy as if it were a photo.

One time James Lofton said on CNN NFL Sunday that the reason the Dolphins seem to peter out towards the end of the season is the toll that the South Florida heat takes on their bodies. On the other hand, one of the things that this article points out is that Williams likes the smashmouth style of football. That alone will help.
Wasn't it hot in 72 and 73? What about 1982? 1984?
I'm not the one who first touted the theory, but even if it's true, it just means that it's a factor, not the only one. I think another aspect to this is that over time, players in general, linemen in particular, have gotten larger and the heat would affect them more. The team's performance will also depend on individual health and conditioning and that of the opponents. Add to that quality of coaching, talent, etc.
That's part of the beauty of football, adapting to your home conditions and using them to your advantage. Green Bay and the other cold weather teams, Denver with the high altitude, St. Louis with the fast track etc... and as of right now, the Fins should try adapting to playing in mud with all this wet weather we've been getting lately :yell:
I agree with SoFlaFan,,the heat is to the advantage of the Phins.
But the coaching staff have to be smart with the last part of the season in weekly training..our heat is worst than 72, and the Dolphins have to be mindful of that..high humidity takes a lot out of the body..the dolphins should only fully dress once a week toward the keep sharp on trackling and blocking..but half pads the rest of the week..they play much longer seasons than in the 70's, plus almost year round conditioning..that can take a toll on the body...remember some of the 70's dolphins say they came to camp out of shape and worked their way into shape..they didn't condition their bodies year round and were fresher toward the end of their season. they didn't have 5 or 6 mini camps...In Florida you do have to take a couple of months out of the heat.
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