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Dolphins Might Have Two Pro Bowlers On Rightside OL


May 3, 2002
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Ok heres my thing. Hey good pickup for the Phins if Searcy can stay healthy he would be a great addition. Now the question is could he stay healthy for an entire year. He has not played much in the last two years. I like Wade and i'm a bills fan. I think giving him a couple more years he could be a solid tackle. I dont think he is a pro bowl tackle though. Lets think about all the tackles who are better then him in the AFC right now

Jason Fabini(Jets)
Tarik Glenn(Colts)
Willie Anderson(Bengals)
Brad Hopkins(Titans)
Jonathan Ogdan(Ravens)
Tony Boselli(Texans)
Ryan Young(Texans)

I'm probably missing a couple of more names but i didn't add Mike Williams from Buffalo because he hasn't proven anything and i didn't put Jonas Jennings on there because of biase even though he didn't give up a sack in 12 games. Solid player is Wade but not a pro bowler.


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Mar 17, 2002
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Opium induced haze...
Wade was awesome as a rookie, won numerous offensive rookie of the month awards and was neck and neck with Chris Samuels as rookies. His play plateaued somewhat last year, hopefully due to injury. But still, even if he did plateau, he is still at a high level and certainly not a weakness.
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