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Dolphins Must Decide On Dixon In Next Couple Weeks...(merged)


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May 24, 2002
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Pro Football Weekly on the Dolphins OL

DOLPHINS: The competition along the offensive line will be wide open in training camp, according to Florida Today. "When we put the pads on, after about a week, we're going to go in there and say, OK, which five offensive linemen -- regardless of position -- give us the best chance to win?" coach Dave Wannstedt said.

Don't be surprised if Mark Dixon is our starting LT with Jamie Nails playing LG and Leon Searcy playing RG come week1.
Dolphins Must Decide On Dixon In Next Couple Weeks...

Hello To All.... The Dolphins are on about a 4 week hiatus until the real fun the pads come on finally---on JULY 25th. With that being said....we can, for the next couple of weeks----post up our thoughts about some of the major battles that are upcoming---and today...lets start with the most precarious position on the team.....the LEFT TACKLE position.

My thoughts going into this training camp----is this is PRIORITY #1..... The Dolphins staff must decide by the start of training camp....or for that matter...very early on.....on whether or not to add in the name of MARK DIXON to the LT mix.

The Dolphins are indeed toying with the idea right the way....but have not made any formal decision.

The idea to move DIXON to LT....comes from a health risk standpoint. The DOlphins realize that DIXON is their best OL...and want to take the everyday strain off of DIXON---so he does not have to go up against those behometh-sized DT's...that will further push his body to the physical limits.

If the Dolphins do make the decision to move DIXON to LT.....this will allow DIXON to play pretty much on his own island....and he will then be really able to use that leverage and great athleticism to the fullest. The Dolphins main goal to upgrade the position....with DIXON...and at the same keep his carreer in the long-term direction.

With that said... now....what happens to the LG spot? Its fairly a suprise name that will get that spot.....and his name is JAMIE NAILS. NAILS has worked his butt off this off-season...and has got his weight down to 340 pounds....and he has been showing great footwork as that weight. NAILS has elevated himself up the charts in these past camps....and the Dolphins staff would have no problem inserting NAILS at DIXON's old the starter.

All along....the Dolphins wanted to get bigger and more athletic up the middle of the line.....and with NAILS' surprise return to his old BILL form now....and coupled with the resurrection of old pro....LEON SEARCY....who undoubetedly will start in front of TODD PERRY on the right can really see why the Dolphins are considering these moves.

We all know that both BRENT SMITH and MARCUS SPRIGGS are coming off of major injuries......both have come back....but now fully 100% yet. Both players showed some good things these past camps....but also....they were both plenty of times embarrassed out the likes of the Dolphins DE's. The Dolphins like both players....but the confidence level is just not there far as them being in there at LT....for the start of the season....and more important....they are unsure about what level both men can go to....when the whistle final blows.

Brent doubt has the inside edge right now...over SPRIGGS.....but the gap is not that wide...and any one of them could eventually win the LT starting assignment.

Its just a hard, disciplined decision right now for the DOlphins coaches. They have to think hard. They need to make a decision. Should they definatively move DIXON to LT? Or should they just leave DIXON at LG....the position he truly wants to play this season?

Its a huge decision....that has to made either on the first day of training camp....or not so long afterwards.

If it were my call for this teams ultimate sucess this season....

I would definatively move DIXON TO LT. I like what I am seeing out of SEARCY and NAILS. I like SMITH and SPRIGGS as reserves.....although I believe that only 1 would survive if Dixon is moved over. In conlusion.....I agree with the coaches.....that when MARK DIXON is healthy.....he is one of the very best in the league at what he does....and that all concerns on HOW HE BLOCKS.....NOT WHERE HE PLAYS.

Thats the way I see it..... DCH
I really like the idea of Nails, Ruddy, Searcy on the inside. Thats a lot of weight to get through for opposing DTs. That combo would really help out the run game too, not too much of a chance of all 3 of them getting pushed around, in my opinion. If Dixon can handle it, I say go for it.
Re: Dolphins Must Decide On Dixon In Next Couple Weeks...

as I have said before, put your best 5 OLman out there leaving Wade and Ruddy alone and now it seems playing Dixon, Searcy and Nails rounds out the line. If Nails is a better LG than Smith/Spriggs is a LT, then that is the decision. AFAIC, go w/Nails and Dixon at LT
Re: Pro Football Weekly on the Dolphins OL

I am merging this w/DCH's post since they are sooo similar - :D
By the way that tidbit was from Pro Football Talk, not Pro Football bad folks I get them confused.

I just have a question for DCH if he reads this. Why the flip-flop? In another thread where you reported on the Dolphins' mini-camp you said that Mark Dixon should not and will not be moved to LT or something along those lines. I'll find the exact quote. I questioned it at the time but don't know if you responded or not...
How' bout this for the OL of the future starting 2003?

LT Wade
LG Nails
C McMichael
RG Andrew
RT Cesario

Now THAT could be a young line that would gel and be together for 5 years or so. Plus any rooks they would draft.
My favorite part about that OL has to be the undersized pass-catching TE as our starting Center.

I found the quotes in:

Here's DCH's quote:
Overall View: It was one of the better practices I have attended. The tempo seemed to pick up a tad......and there was more offense vs defense drills. The team did not make many mental mistakes out there today....hardly any The mental part of Norv;s offense...that part looks more cohesive now. It looks like CHAMBERS and FIEDLER are really getting to know each others moves....and that was a great play to really was. I think the only question mark right I have stated the LT position. I am curious to see what WANNY says about the play of SMITH and SPRIGGS this he just has to see what the TAYLORs and also DAVID BOWENS...and now...ROB BURNETT is also showing some push out there. And as for DIXON...he is in no way, shape of form to move over to Lt right now. Things need to get better...and there is really nobody out that BROCKMYER is gone to Denver. Many people thought the Dolphins should have been more agressive with BROCKMYER...and I agree.

To which I replied (after I stated my piece on how everyone was blowing the Ricky Williams expired tags incident way out of proportion)

That said, I was wondering why you say that Mark Dixon is DEFINITELY not moving to LT? I mean with Brent Smith still strugglin you would think that if ever they were gonna think about moving Dixon, it would be now considering the newfound depth they have on the interior of the line.

But DCH never got back to that thread to answer the question so I was wondering...

In two parts...first off what did you see at camp and/or hear to make ya think that Dixon was definitely not moving to LT, and second what did you see/hear to change your mind? You have a unique point of view on all this cuz you actually get to go to camps and stuff unlike all of us and you seem to have a lot of connections with people in the know...

Just curious.
Wade doesn't have the speed to play LT. He's built to play RT.

To be honest......I was just reporting what I had been witnessing in the early camp practice far as DIXON and his rehab was coming along.

If OZZY or anyone else can concur to...who attended the early Quarterback camps....or even the Mini-Camp----you would have seen a hobbling around, MARK DIXON....just on the sidelines. He was actually walking around with a cane on the early going.

I don't think any of the coaching staff even thought that DIX would be back....this quick.....literally. DIXON was very sharp in this past Quarterback School.....and I think it was strictly just hard work and determination that got back him back in there, this fast.

I mean.....its a credit to DIXON, really. The fact that.....he just gets right back into the mix.....he's rusty....he hasn't played that much football in months.....and he is still not completely 100%. And what does he do?

Dixon just goes out there.....and he is blocking somebody to the ground....and he is getting the better of his man...just about every rep.

This cannot be said...for a less than 100%....BRENT SMITH and MARCUS SPRIGGS.....its still an uphill battle.

Hence the toying of the switch.....even though DIXON really does not want to take this job.

And the main reason why? His closeness with LT BRENT SMITH. Its DIXONS closest friend on the team....and believe me....DIXON truly wants SMITH to win the job....outright.

Each and every time DIXON is asked about the switch.....he will say.... "BRENT SMITH right now is the starting LT....will everyone please give this guy a know he is working hard". "Its too early for judgements".

But the bottom line is this: If the coaches want DIXON to move over to LT.....he will do so....reluctantly....and that is that. He is going to do what's best for the team....friendship aside.

Dixon is seemingly sleek, fit, and raring to go.....this was surely not the case....about 6 weeks ago.
Where does Perry fit into all this? Would any of these moves help Perry get back into his natural spot? He had an off year and played through injuries but he did play pretty damn well in Chicago. I just can't see Nails starting yet. I see him making the team as a backup.
Oh ok, I was just wondering if you heard or saw anything different during the couple of days span between when you said that Dixon is definitely not moving to LT anytime soon, and when you said that Dixon should and probably will be moved to LT.
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