Dolphins offer Caserio the GM job/Rejects offer to stay in New England


Feb 13, 2008
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Don't expect you to. Part of the problem with responding to an active thread like this is that the thread is always five pages ahead of where you are currently reading.
Basically all I was trying to say is that I hoped Miami could hire a guy that has some fire and wants to take the path less travelled, because he sees it as a challenge worth taking. I figured that they would just end up hiring Brian Gaine in the end, though.

I don't see Dennis Hickey being much different than Brian Gaine in that regard. He's a man that was passed over as GM at TB after 18 years with the organization. He has nothing to lose taking the Miami job.

In short: I'm a risk taker in my professional life, because the rewards are that much greater when you overcome the challenges (and the beer that much colder), and I think Miami would have benefitted if they found a GM like that. I hope they find a GM like that when they fire Dennis Hickey.

And to be clear: I'm well aware that was wishful thinking. Thus the reason I said, "hope" and "wish" and never once said, "will" when it came to that happening.
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