Dolphins offer Caserio the GM job/Rejects offer to stay in New England

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by Daytona Fin, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Basically all I was trying to say is that I hoped Miami could hire a guy that has some fire and wants to take the path less travelled, because he sees it as a challenge worth taking. I figured that they would just end up hiring Brian Gaine in the end, though.

    I don't see Dennis Hickey being much different than Brian Gaine in that regard. He's a man that was passed over as GM at TB after 18 years with the organization. He has nothing to lose taking the Miami job.

    In short: I'm a risk taker in my professional life, because the rewards are that much greater when you overcome the challenges (and the beer that much colder), and I think Miami would have benefitted if they found a GM like that. I hope they find a GM like that when they fire Dennis Hickey.

    And to be clear: I'm well aware that was wishful thinking. Thus the reason I said, "hope" and "wish" and never once said, "will" when it came to that happening.
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