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Dolphins Probably Now Switching Gears To Coleman..


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Jan 27, 2002
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[news]Dolphins Probably Now Switching Gears To Coleman..[/news]

Hello.....and here we are at JUNE 1st....the day of the axe for some name NFL veterans.

From what I have heard......the Dolphins gave DE ROB BURNETT an offer to sign with them...but BURNETT wanted to take some more time in choosing his next destination. BURNETT has apparently heard the same offers...the minimum...from the DOLPHINS, PATS, and REDSKINS....and is basically in the wait and see stage....hoping that other teams may free up some more money. As for the Dolphins is still there....however....from what I have heard...the plan is to look at some other guys.[/intro]

And obviously that guy is DE...and former fin....MARCO COLEMAN. The REDSKINS are definately going to release him today.....and from what I understand.....the two teams that he has the most interest in either up in PHILADELPHIA....who do have 9 million extra dollars to spend....or to come back to the team he started with...the DOLPHINS. Of course....the main problem we are looking the dollars that COLEMAN will demand. There is nobody that I have talked to....that think that COLEMAN will play for anywhere close to a league minimum. Just about all I have talked with feel that if the Dolphins do not come up with a nice signing bonus.....then COLEMAN will indeed play with the EAGLES. The Dolphins need to be very agressive in the next couple of days with COLEMAN's agent.....that is for sure. I feel that COLEMAN is the better player for us....than ROB BURNETT is....COLEMAN is in much better shape...physically than BURNETT is....and is just the better player at this time.

Another DE the DOlphins will look JAY WILLIAMS...if he is cut by the CAROLINA PANTHERS....

And the DOlphins are still talking with the agent for OT BLAKE BROCKMYER.....who may now be out of the picture...with the 49ers...who showed lots of interest previously.

The Dolphins first move is to add another DE.....then to look at the OL, and reciever.

I don't see the Dolphins getting either FREEMAN, MCCARDELL or ALEXANDER. A name that could WR HERMAN MOORE.....depending on what his demands are.....he is expected to be released by the LIONS. Michael Wetbrook is still out there.....he is farmiliar with NORV's offense....but is surpirsingly getting little interest from anyone. is JUNE 1st. Get the periscope out....and do yourself some prairie-doggin', son.
We will be active....

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Can you imagine having Michael Westbrook lined up at WR opposite of Chris Chambers!!! It would be a real coup if we could get Marco Coleman and Michael Westbrook but signing both would be a reach because of the $$$$.
Michael Westbrook is cancer in the locker room. I pray to the all mighty God (not Dan or Don) that the fighting fish don't pay big bucks for someone elses problems. There is a reason that he is still a FA, and that reason is he is cancer with a bad knee. Despite his skill, Westbrook will only make any team worse off.
IMHO, We have 2 good starting DE and 2 very capable back-ups. I would like to see the Phins go after BLAKE BROCKMYER. The o-line still concerns me, eventhough I think they will be ok. I feel he will provide good competition in camp and gives the coaches more options.
It would be hard to get out of line if you are the fourth receiver on the depth chart.....Since he wouldn't be BMOC here, he'd get smacked back into place if he got out of line.....that's what I think anyway.(I'm talking about Westbrook)
Could you imagine Westbrook starting opposite Chambers until week 3 when he gets injured and then not having him for the rest of the season?

Westbrook is a cancer in the locker room and injury prone. I would be very angry if we signed him.
herman moore is shot...he hasnt done anything in 3 years...i would like to sign brockermeyer and coleman...i think they should put in a call to mccardells agent as well and see how much $$$ he wants
IMO the Phinz have a Legitimate chance at snagging Alexander
or it might just be wishful thinking
NO to Westbrook, NO to any WR, get O-line help, it's our only true question mark, IMHO.
McCardell will get a nice signing bonus from either the Bucs or Chiefs.

Westbrook is a punk who stays hurt. We won't have him.

Alexander is likely headed to Minnesota. He's not a hard worker and his attitude is questionable.

Last I heard, Herman Moore was pondering retirement, although he said he was "80-20 that he'll come back". Moore could be a decent signing if it's deemed he can stay healthy AND we decide to keep 6 WRs. He's a huge/athletic WR who'll play for the minimum.

Is it true that Blake Brockermeyer still isn't healthy enough to practice until August??
The phins need to knock off the bargain shopping. That isn't going to work this year. Moderate shopping will work but you got to know how involved the other teams are. You cut Perry/Wooden and Ogden and we have more then enough room to offer a good amount of cash to Coleman and either a WR/OL.

Although if McCardell is set with the Bucs there isn't much out there. Although if Darnay Scott of the Bengals gets cut I'd go after him hardcore. His career avg per catch if 15.5 yards and he's never had a year under 46 catches or 797 yards.
I've watched Westbrook too much here in Maryland and we shouldn't waste our money unless he takes a vet min. He's a good receiver but inconsistent. He can't handle a starting role-- too injury prone. But as a spot player he could be dangerous.
If we kept him, McKnight and Chamber...boy could we spread the field. But let Westbrook do the intermediate routes and CC and JM do the deep ones..with the TE and backs on the short routes we could dominate. But again the OL is the Key-- start there, then DE and then WR.
Westbrook sucks...I like the idea of bringing in Herman Moore for the min., afterall he was one of the best WRs in the game only a few years ago. If we bring him in for a look and we feel he has the right-stuff to contribute as a fourth or fifth WR, which I am willing to bet he does, he would definitely be worth the min.

If we could somehow sign Blake Brockermeyer and Marco Coleman, I will be VERY happy. Coleman would be a great backup at LE, and he could easily take the Big G's place at LE on third-downs (He could be our next Trace Armstrong).
Originally posted by Muck

Is it true that Blake Brockermeyer still isn't healthy enough to practice until August??

McCardell is almost gauranteed to be a Buc.

I think they will look at it like this, DE, S, then O-line, and lastly Wr.
I know I herd Speilman say he wants to take a look at who is cut at Safety.

DE will be first for sure, most wanted will be Coleman, who is very adaquate against the run, which is whats needed.

But lets say there are three players the Dolphins want (DE, S, T, or WR), and their asking price is close to what Miami has under the cap, then expect them to sign all three, and cut Perry or Wooden (last case scenario) making room to sign the draft picks.

Brockermeyer, is definetly on the wish list but his demands are a little too high for someone who cannot practice until mid August, and maybe longer........
I highly doubt that the Dolphins are going to cut a few players so they can sign a few. They'd rather have absolute crap on the o-line like Todd "I can't block my way out of a paper sack" Perry. Players like Todd Perry and Jeff Ogden are just trash who are taking up roster spots that could be better used for someone else.
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