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Dolphins resign Kendall Lamm

Going to get dominated in the trenches this season.

Cupcake brand of football incoming again...
After as well as he played last season, he deserves a raise. Hope the team showed their appreciation. I honestly don't understand why no other team would compete for his services. Age I guess, and scheme limitations.
I hope we didn't... at least not much. We would have been bidding against ourselves.

Yeah, I believe most of it is age. He was 31 last season and it was the first time he'd ever been better than below average.

Having Tua behind him helped a lot, I think. For a OLT, it's a gift to have a lefty QB. He throws it quickly when his non-blind side breaks down.
All for taking an OT high in the draft if they are BPA.
But at least now like you posted it's not a huge must need for 2024 with Armstead and Lamm
Armstead and Lamm will work this season but if a developmental OT isn't taken in this draft it will become a necessity to draft or otherwise acquire one next offseason. No doubt the team is planning 3+ years out and making decisions today in that mindset.
Team needs a LT after this season, and if we can upgrade at OG for a season while grooming the future LT that's great by me. 4 years of rookie contract is worth a 1st round pick for the right player IMO. But I am also OK with WR, DE or DB with that pick we need those now and even more so in a year or 2.
If we draft an OT they are most likely going to have to play OG as a rookie.

I certainly don't want to draft somebody who will be playing OG in round 1. I would rather use a later round draft pick on that position.
I wouldn't go that direction, at least in rd1. I question if he has the lateral quickness to fit a zone scheme, particularly on wider run plays.

He chose not to run the the 40, 3 cone or shuttle so what do we really know about his relative athleticism.

By Lance Zierlein
NFL Analyst
NFL Comparison
Quinn Meinerz
Broadly built center prospect with below-average length but above-average upper-body power. Powers-Johnson isn’t much of a knee-bender, which impacts his pad level and drive leverage, but he can torque and toss opponents around with some regularity at the point. Powers-Johnson is a fierce competitor with a salty disposition but needs to improve his first-phase technique to create more consistent block sustains. Despite average athleticism, he doesn’t seem to have many issues in pass protection, as he works with clear eyes, a wide base and good discipline to keep his weight back. His rookie season could be bumpy if he has to play early, but he should come out on the other side as a long-time starter.

Carries broad chest, thick hips and meaty hands.
Heavy hands hammer A-gap threats when protecting the quarterback.
Processes gaming fronts without overreacting or lunging.
Plays with a rugged, disdainful attitude toward opponents.
Jolts defenders around with powerful upper body.
Plays with adequate footwork for double-teams and work-up blocks.

Relatively limited experience as a full-time starter.
Would like to see better pad level and explosion into first contact.
Below-average body control to consistently square up moving targets.
Lacks lateral quickness to reach play-side defenders at a high rate.
Limited reactive quickness if he’s isolated against an athletic rusher.

Jackson Powers-Johnson, emerging from Corner Canyon High School as a 4-star recruit, made a significant impact at Oregon. In 2021, he played 7 games, allowing just one QB hurry. His performance improved in 2022 with 11 games, maintaining stellar protection. By 2023, as a junior, he played in 13 games, upholding his reputation by allowing only minimal pressure on the quarterback. Noteworthy is his unanimous All-American selection and winning the Rimington Trophy, showcasing his exceptional skills as a center.
2023 Rimington Trophy
Exhibits a broad, barrel-chested frame with excellent athletic ability and power.
Demonstrates outstanding initial quickness and agility, enabling explosive movements out of his stance.
Strong hands and shoulders deliver significant impact on double-team blocks and in torque to uproot defenders.
Fluid movement on climbs and screens, effectively engaging and overpowering smaller targets.
Capable of clearing the pocket against adjacent rushers, ensuring robust pass protection.
Maintains performance under pressure, evident from playing through injuries without sacrificing power.
Brings a tone-setting demeanor to the field, with the ability to enforce his will on defenders.
Quick-twitch, explosive run-blocker, excelling in both gap and zone schemes.
Upright playing style and wide hand placement sometimes exposes chest to defenders, leading to stalemates.
Occasional oversetting on wide rush alignments can compromise pass protection effectiveness.
Limited by average at best length, impacting blocking range and sustainability against longer defenders.
Sometimes loses balance when exerting power, due to lifting feet off the ground.
Can be prone to holding calls due to grabby hands when beat by counter moves.
Jackson Powers-Johnson enters the NFL Draft as a top interior O-line prospect, showcasing a solid mix of athleticism, power, and technique from his time at Oregon. Winning the Rimington Trophy and earning All-American honors underline his dominance at the collegiate level. His tape reveals a player who's NFL-ready, capable of stepping in as a Day 1 starter. Powers-Johnson's performance against top college competition has proven he can handle the transition to the pros, where his skill set will be highly valued for both run and pass blocking.

Technical adjustments, particularly in reducing his upright stance and improving hand placement, are on the to-do list to ensure he maximizes his effectiveness against NFL defensive linemen. These tweaks are manageable and typical for rookies making the leap. Given his ability to adapt and excel in various blocking schemes, Powers-Johnson is viewed as a scheme-versatile lineman, a quality highly sought after by NFL teams looking for flexibility and durability upfront.

Powers-Johnson's immediate impact and long-term potential make him a compelling early-round pick. His combination of size, strength, and agility fits the mold of a modern NFL lineman, capable of anchoring an O-line for years. Teams in need of a plug-and-play interior lineman will find his attributes align well with the demands of professional play. Powers-Johnson isn't just draft-ready; he's poised to be a key piece in an NFL lineup, offering both high-floor reliability and a high-ceiling future.
Kyle Crabbs said many of the same things but added that JPJ has snapping issues. Add this to his penalties and lack of lateral quickness and he's not a great fit for this system at center and isn't a great option at #21.
There's been no mention of JPJ having snapping issues before Kyle brought it up. Now I suppose everyone will jump onto that narrative without investigating for themselves.
Every day we get closer to the draft the more I feel like Miami's first round pick will be a WR or a defensive lineman. I just think all of the best offensive tackles will be gone by pick 21. I think it's likely six offensive tackles will be off the board before Miam's pick at 21.
...or DB, or trade down. In a trade down scenario all bets are off I think.
What I see every year is a lot of fans who over-focus on our immediate needs, and then are perplexed when we take a player who might be 2 years away from starting in a prime position.

I believe that Grier is ABSOLUTELY focused on 2 years out... and positions that are horrendously expensive to fill via Free Agency.

So... an Edge wouldn't surprise me much, but a DT would. You can find plenty of run stopping D linemen in the second round... every year, and this year's lot, look like run stopping linemen.
Then why not wait for a round where an OL is your highest ranked player on the board rather than reaching for a player like Jordan Morgan?
Because Morgan is generally thought to be a bottom of the first round prospect. You'll notice that he goes to the Niners is a LOT of mocks.
He isn't a reach... I'd prefer to trade down a bit and take him, but if no other offers present themselves, he'd be a MUCH better choice than a run-stopping DT or another CB who wouldn't start.
IMO neither OL or DL are such big needs that we "must" draft one over the other. In my perfect (realistic) draft, Fautanu falls to #21. He's a perfect fit that could play G immediately and replace Armstead in a year. But I would say he's a 50/50 chance to be there at our pick. I also really like Barton and would be fine with him at 21. He could play G immediately and has the position flexibility to play T or C.

But outside of those two, I would probably take a DL player over any other lower OL prospect. And while Fautanu is my top choice, there are several DL which I have on the same tier as Barton. While my personal preference would be to take Barton amongst that group, I see it as perfectly reasonable for someone to prefer Latu or Byron Murphy or a few others.

I don't really love the WR options there, although I would be fine with Leggette and a couple of others in a trade down. I have WR as a need as well so it's not about having OL or DL as bigger needs. Rather it's about whom I see likely to be available at different points in the draft.

I also see S as a need, but there's no way S would be a consideration at 21.

The bottom line is that I expect 21 to be about BPA amongst our need positions and also considering positional value. To me that suggests that if our first pick is is at 21 it will most likely to be OL or DL and anybody claiming that one or the other is absolutely right or wrong is just being a drama queen.
Staying put at 21, I'd hope we can take one from among Newton, Murphy, Fautanu, and Barton. In no particular order of preference., I expect at least 2 of them to be gone. But not all 4.
It's about time. He deserved it. Was wondering what was happening with him.
He commented earlier he would retire if he received a minimal deal, or was totally lowballed. Don’t blame him. Glad he’s back. Needs to increase upper body strength…has an old man’s upper body. Sort of. Fins still need to draft a Tackle for next year. With all the QBs going early, should be a top 3 Tackle at 21. I have a feeling Grier will trade down.
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