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Don't blow Fiedler


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Apr 23, 2002
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Hey! Whoa! Chill! We're all on the same side. We're all Miami Dolphin fans. We're all pissed cause we lost but it's not classy to attack each other and get into name calling. We can win the Super Bowl with Jay ( Ravens won with Dilfer, New England won with Brady) and thats all that matters. A shootout exposes Jay insofar as he lacks accuracy on the longball. Dolphin football should be run the hell out of Rickey and throw short percise routes to Konrad and McMichael and changing up with play action and hitting the wideouts. If the other teams D knows were throwing we lose the whole point of bringing in Rickey. We need to keep other teams guessing and playing on their heels. The Chiefs were dialed in to what we were doing and some of the blame for that falls on Norv. Why does Jay evoke all this passion. He is competant enough to get it done if were playing Dolphin football and being smart. Let's go easy on each other, this is juvenile and unworthy of the greatest people in the world, Dolphin fans!


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Jul 20, 2002
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JLFINFAN put it best regarding the Chiefs game.........

"The problem I see, was that RW was not utilized enough, and when the game was close (38-30 early in the 4th), the coaching staff took the ball out of Ricky's hands and gave it to Fiedler. When you have a RB like Ricky, who is averaging over 6 yards per touch, why was he not used more often? Ricky had only 14 carries for the day, and almost none in the 4th quarter. In the first three games this season, Williams got most of his rushing yards in the 4th. With time of possession favoring the Chiefs, why not let Ricky run the ball and eat up some clock? That would have allowed the defense a chance to rest."

That right there took us out of winning the game .......

We strayed from what had been working for us and tried to match them point for point.

We needed to control the tempo since we couldn't put pressure on Trent Green.

But enough of the KC debacle........

The PATS will use the same game plan that KC used.....

Which is precisely the Blueprint that the JETS used to beat us during the JINX.

They utilized the TE's, WR's, and RB's effectively by hitting them with all that underneath stuff.

Our Pass D has got to get it together if we are to going to take sole possesion of 1st place in the division.
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