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ESPN Ranks Team's Under-25 Players - Dolphins Dead Last

Change this arbitrary number of 25 to 26 and Miami is somewhere in the teens. Who cares.

The age is barometer for young studs still on cheap rookie deals. Hopefully, we hit out of the park in this year’s draft and next year’s players under 25 assessment will be completely different.

The window of Miami’s young core drafted under Flores era on cheap rookie contracts is almost over. Holland, Eichenberg, and Phillips are waiting on extensions, which Holland & Eichenberg are playing on last year of their rookie deals.

The proverbial cupboard is pretty bare of young players that’ll be next in line for extensions. Does Achane make it healthy to a second contract? Cam Smith, Tindle… who knows?
Not sure I would read much into this. Other than Houston, Detroit, ravens, alot of meh teams in the top 13. KC is 14. Keep going down and you see a whole bunch of playoff teams and ones that went to the Superbowl
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