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Facts are.

broccoli rob

Jan 7, 2012
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Buffalo pretty darn good them and the Chargers are looking to be the class of the AFC. Baltimore can possibly hang there.

It appears we are subpar on talent and coaching , how can that be After our recent success the team has had,

Was Fitz that much of a influence. It looks like it.

Would Herbert have the same Success here?

Would Rousseau be the stud with us he displayed last night . In stead of Phillips?

KC spending spree on a o line not working considering o line is a Andy Reid area of expertise.?

New England Spending spree not the look of a winner at this point. Is Boston Calling for Bellichecks head ?

Is it all luck?

Do our players care or are they collecting a paycheck?

has any team put more high draft picks in their O Line than us the last few years.?

I spent the weekend in Vegas. The Bears fan showed up and walked the stadium walk with the raiders fans thru Mandalay Bay then to the Stadium. Even with both teams turmoil they had reasons to be excited and rowdy , I got the usual grief for a fan of a loser ,but I cleaned up gaming so it was ok in the end, I did see one other Fin Fan there he suggested we buy Raiders gear and burn our Shirts , I said couldn’t do that as being a Miami Fan is now a given at my age.
Told him Things are never as good as they seem, But then never as bad as they seem.
So Tyrone from Charlotte here is the post I said I would do , if you join the forum and hang with us great. If not it was great to meet you.

It pains me to say this as a huge Flores supporter after last year, but I think they both need to go. We have to move on. There is young talent on this team with potential. Grier did a fantastic job accumulating picks, which led me to give him much credit, but he has no idea what to do with the picks once he gets them. It is a formula for disaster (trading away proven players for missed picks).

Unless this team makes a miraculous turnaround, both need to go. I pray to God we can find a new GM that will incorporate some Grier tactics (accumulation of picks) but actually know who to take on draft day. And for Chrissakes, get SOMEONE who values the offensive line!


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Mar 13, 2006
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New Jersey
for anyone in the dolphins organization who does not think that chemistry matters, then they have no clue on how to run a team sport.. Getting rid of Fitz was the BIGGEST mistake they made coming into this year... They should have paid him a excellent salary to stay and play.. he brought energy to the offense, which brought smiles to the defense and made them play better.. He made something out of nothing every time he played.. Defenses found him difficult to figure out, so he kept making defenses looks silly.. Any team in the NFL that has a good offense, usually can count of their defense to step it up a notch.. I am not sure that even DeShaun would make an impact, until something clicked and made the team feel good about themselves, but Fitz did.. The team id trying to tweek too much, and in that, has ruined the chemistry needed to make the team gel.. Not sure how to start to fix whats happening here.. All the postgame interviews(BS) from players, that are getting millions a year, to play good or bad, it is just stupid to watch.. Bring back what worked last year( if at all possible).. tweeking is ok, but dismantling is another story.. Too many changes and not enough chemsistry.. Bring back Fitz first, when the dolphins start putting up crazy points, I guarantee, most things will fall back in place......if the Dolphine mngmnt is reading these forums, listen and act... Just do not listen and go, hmmmm, oh well............
Fitz may be fun to play with but he’s never take a team to the playoffs in like 18 seasons and 9 teams or whatever it is. He started 6 games for us last year. If anything it’s his veteran presence that’s missed - IMO this leadership gap runs across the team and is hurting it.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Miami hasn’t been in the same league as Baltimore for years. They’re now in a level far below Buffalo, KC, and even LAC.

zach attach

Oct 19, 2004
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Fitz was a captain. People are drawn to wanting to be behind a guy with optimism and humor. Fitz was having a good time. But he's not a Flores guy. Flores is about work and focus and execution. Fitz did his job but also joked around. I don't think Flores liked this. The other players did, it helped loosen things up. So that is missing this year.
One point on Flores. When Miami is doing well on offense and defense we credit the coach, when the 2 units are sucking it's the players fault right? No.
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