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Feel Bad for Konrad


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Sep 11, 2002
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I dont feel bad for him. He had a solid seven year career as a FB, where he was a regular starter for most of that time. Thats a long itme in the league

Sure injuries caught up with him, and he didnt live entirely up to the expectations of being a second round pick (which FB does?), but I dont think theres annything to feel bad about.

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Mar 19, 2005
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Jeese. Ifeel sorry for him as an athlete who never realized his potential (not entirely his fault that he was misused.

Funny how we often equate anything in pro sports with money. I mean money is huge in sports, so of course I do not feel bad for Konrad financially.

We blame athletes for only caring about the money but apparently some fans only see the bucks an athlete makes and not the human playing. I just feel bad for him not reaching his ATHLETIC potential, something that may eat at him even though he has reached his FINANCIAL goals I'm sure.:shakeno:

Thanks for the opinions though everybody! I just thought he deserved his recognition in the forum and he has it!
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