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Fiedler wants 5.00 million!!!!!


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Jan 15, 2002
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What is he and his agent thinking. I dont think the dolphins can afford someone like that. I dont think he is good enough for that kind of money. Also we need to spend it on offensive line. defensive line, and runningback.:yell:
here it is:

Dolphins | Fiedler Looking for $5 Million a Year - posted at KFFL (
14:56 PT: ESPN's John Clayton reports Miami Dolphins QB Jay Fiedler, who is able to opt out of the final year of his contract and become a free agent, is looking to complete a deal with the Dolphins in the next week. Fiedler is looking for somewhere around $5 million per year. If he's unable to work out a deal with the Dolphins, it's believed that he may have some interest in joining the Washington Redskins

Earth to Jay, ummmmmm 5 million? I would say 3.5 mill a year
Feidler can pack up his "YODA EARS" and his noodle arm, and try his mediocre play elsewhere! 5 million?? GET FREAKIN REAL!!!The DOLPHINS need to address other areas with that type of money!!BYE! BYE! JAY!!! TAKE IT EASY!!!
i wish jay would stick around................

but not for 5 mil, 2 maybe. does anyone out there think that somebody will pick up jay for 5 mil, i don't think so!:yell:
Screw Fiedler

I don't know how many of you get/watch ESPN News, but I was flipping through the channels today and fell upon the daily news/email/rumors report done by Len Pasquerelli. Towards the end of the report the name of Jay Fiedler popped up, as the future of Jay as a Dolphin was brought up. According to Len, he said Jay has given Miami until Tuesday to meet his demands (5 Million per) or he will opt out of his contract and go for Free Agency. Len then went on record to say he thinks Jay really wants to go to the Redskins and when its all said and done he will sign on the dotted line with the Skins..

I don't know how accurate Len Pasquerelli is, but if this is indeed the case, then :monkey: on Fiedler. QBs in the NFL are a dime a dozen and can easily be replaced. Frankly Ive been defending Fiedler a lot lately but as I said before :monkey: on him.. He was nothing but a journeyman backup before Miami gave him the opportunity to replace the greatest QB that ever lived and gave him the opportunity to become a starter in the NFL. I still remember reading Bill Parcells' remarks to him a few years back when he was whoring his services around the NFL waiting for the right anchor to bite.. Parcells point blank told him "Use your Ivy League Education to get another job because you have no future in the NFL". As far as Im concerned he never EVER will be 1 tenth the QB Dan was nor will he be 1 tenth the person Dan Marino was. Have fun being second fiddle to Tony Banks in Washington because thats all you'll ever be.. Second Rate.. In the meantime, maybe with you gone, Miami can get a REAL QB in to erase all the bad memories we have of you. So Jay Fiedler, from me and Im sure from millions and millions of Dolphin Fans Worldwide, don't let the door hit you on the way out b**ch.. :monkey:
he wants 5 mil...................

like i have said before, the people in hell want icewater too, but they ain't gonna get it!:D
Re: he wants 5 mil...................

Originally posted by dolfan06
like i have said before, the people in hell want icewater too, but they ain't gonna get it!:D
I know, they already kicked me out for keggin' it!:goof:

And Fiedler wants 5 mil a season? Hey I want a Lamborghini but we can't have everything right? He might be in Washington next year.
listening to fiedler talk..............

i can't believe the 5 mil was his idea. i mean this guy has scruples and he owes alot to the dolphins. nobody else would give him a start!;)
Yeah, I read he might be interested in the Redskins if Miami says "see ya". If so, I hope he doesn't burn his ears on that crack pipe with Marion Barry.:lol:
hopefully, we can get him down. I am far more interested in what he wants for a signing bonus since that is what you pay for no matter what. If wants $5 mil for the 2003 season and a reasonable signing bonus fine, but 5 mil for next year and big bonus will lead to exit.

Remember we can match any offer another team makes so we can wait to see if other's feel he's worth that much, but to me I am more worried about signing bonus than salary to some degree.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Fiedler wants 5 million? He must be smokin some good stuff.

He must have talked to Jaydog LOL :lol: :goof:

I would tell Fiedler to start a steppin....Ain't no love here if he wants 5 million! :yell:
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