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Finally NFL acknowledge McMicheals


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May 23, 2002
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I though this guy should have got some love in game one from the league..but now their eyes are opening..

In the CBS Sportlines..a national site..finally someone other than a local team paper acknowlege him by saying

"* There were three tight ends drafted in the first round. None of them, Jeremy Shockey included, is playing better than Miami's Randy McMichael. The Dolphins took McMichael in the fourth round out of Georgia. He lasted that long because there were doubts about his blocking. There are none about his receiving skills. McMichael caught five passes for 79 yards and a touchdown Sunday for the Dolphins. He now has 11 catches for 186 yards and two touchdowns. McMichael has the ability to get deep, which is key to beating two-deep zones. He got deep for a 36-yard catch against the Jets. Fantasy players might want to try and scramble and add him to their rosters.'

Good Draft pick Spelman and Wanny..

I love what Dixon says:

The Dolphins certainly are impressed with McMichael. Left tackle Mark Dixon cannot believe McMichael slipped to the fourth round of the draft, but Dixon is glad McMichael fell to the Dolphins.

"What doesn't he do? He blocks, he catches, he makes gigantic plays," Dixon said. "He's the complete and total package. He's the biggest fourth-round steal I've ever seen. I want to be his agent."
It's about time... but I'm actually surprised it happened so early.. the press is so horrible about acknowledging the Phins players, when they do well... when they do poorly, that's a different story... :yell:
It amazing, just think two years ago our offense had no Chambers, McMicheal, Williams, and a very green Feidler. What a difference a couple years make eh?
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
McMichael won NFL Rookie of the Week for week 1 and will probably win again this week.

Yea but it wasn't much fanfare from the national media...I wanted someone to acknowledge that he was just as good as all those 1st rounders who were suppose to be better.
Who cares what the "experts" say? Let them ignore us totally this year. One thing about this team, that seems to be playing out this year, is that our "core" group of top players are becoming leaders.

I think it is great that guys like JT, Sam, Zach, Brock, etc. are stepping up and being leaders to the rest of the team, trying to keep them on an even keel. Not letting them get too high, or low, just taking one game at a time.

To me, it's just as well that we "don't get our props" from the national media. Let other teams get swelled heads. Let's just keep on keepin on!
It just goes to show you that you can find talent without a first-round pick (Hell, our franchise has proven that time and time again. See Chris Chambers, Todd Wade, Travis Minor, Morlon Greenwood, Zach Thomas, Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, Jason Taylor, Derrick Rodgers).

You don't need a top first-round pick to get a top TE like some people were saying when the Giants got Shockey.
he looked very impressive this week -- nice pick up - great scouting on the phins part
who was it that said...

That "in the long run" Shockey will be better??? Yeah, right!
Randy will be the best TE in the NFL within two years.

This guy is a bonafide playmaker! He reminds me so much of Michael Irvin! Loves to get the ball and punks whoever is trying to make a tackle on him. You can tell he believes that nobody can cover him.
Re: who was it that said...

Originally posted by Superself

Randy will be the best TE in the NFL within two years.

Perhaps, but I know one thing: We are going to see the best TE in the game this Sunday when we face the Chiefs (Tony Gonzalez).
Funny thing aboiut Shockey: Turns out the guy is not much of blocker in the NFL. Interesting that no one apparently anticipated this when he was drafted, but everyone was saying that McMichael couldn't block during the draft.

If Shockey isn't much of blocker, is there any reason to believe that he is a better TE than McMichael based on receiving skills?

I wouldn't think so.
Just for the record:


Yards Pre Catch: 12.9
Long: 28
TD: 1

Yards Pre Catch: 16.9
Long: 36
TD: 2

Pretty close. McMichael is slightly better.
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