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fins may have the best group of RB's in the league...


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RW, at 335 lbs, is near his college weight of 330. from bumping around the boards here and other sources(including and others), he is hitting the holes hard and has a good grasp of the offense.

Robert Edwards is apperantly showing no ill effects from his fluke injury and has coaches buzzing. he's running well and cutting w/ no problems(so far).

Travis Minor(even though he made the mistake of attending FSU) showed flashes last year of being a very good 3rd down back.

If they remain healthy, I would rank this group along with Pittsburgh's (Bettis, Ma'Aafala, and Zeroue).

ps- I was listening to hank goldberg today. He said that NFL insiders believe that with the additions of RW, Norv, Chester and others, Miami's the team to beat in the AFC. I know "insiders" generally dont know squat, but i like the sound of that.
finz rb's...................

even better than denvers? or the colts?

hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i don't know about that one.

and rw better be way under 330 lbs or were in big trouble!
colts? other than the edge and that rookie, who's there? i'm talking about a trio. you make an excellent point about denver, clayton, sorry i left them off the list

ps- oops, meant 230 lbs
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