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For the record Bills fans: I was right


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Sep 30, 2002
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I said they were overrated and that all they had done was beat a bunch of 2-5 teams and our second string. I think we are seeing the begiinning of the end for the Cow Pies.

Welcome to reality!

If any of you are here.
Originally posted by fin-atic
I said they were overrated and that all they had done was beat a bunch of 2-5 teams and our second string. I think we are seeing the begiinning of the end for the Cow Pies.

Welcome to reality!

If any of you are here.

:lol: :lol:

Yes, it's funny how they have dissapeared huh?

They won't be back unless we leave Green Bay at the wrong end of a similar score. That could be the case too! I don't know what to expect Monday night. If I was a betting man, I sure could'nt justify putting any money on the Fins to win.

Here's to the Cowchips coming back to earth and to Lucas playing a damn good game Monday night...... fingers crossed!
Its good too know we will have the lead in the divison no matter what. Not that we shouldn't try to add to that but its good too know we have some flexibility. Every other team in the division is playing .500 football right now too. We could really run away with this if we can get Lucas to focus.
We are in the drivers seat. If we can pick it up a notch and Lcuas play some ball, we could run away with this division. We have the talent to do it. We just need things to come together for us.

Wouldn't that be nice to see, a late season surge instead of collapse?

GO Miami!!!!!
New England was very impressive today. Wow! They kicked butt big time on the road. Great offensive game plan with the quick hitches and screens, a couple of tight end screens were beautiful. I was rooting for New England today for the obvious reason that a Bills win coupled with a Dolphin loss in Green Bay would take us out of first but I'm not so sure how happy I should be because if New England starts getting it together like last year watch out everybody. Bills defense got totally dominated, Brady picked them apart and A. smith ran hard. If I'm a Bills fan I'm not so ****y now, their D got exposed for what it really is, not that physical and slow. Mould was dropping balls and they couldn't buy a field goal. Tough day at the office for Buffalo. This one won't do their psyche any good at all going into their bye week. How the wheel turns!
Got to give credit to where credit is due Fin-atic!!

You were right and the Biffalo Bob Fans can't stand it!!

I don't see any of them down in the Smack area either, I wonder when they will come back???

Who cares!!
New England played great. But Buffalo is just not that good. Every win they have had has come against 2-5 teams except us. We gave them the game. They played an verage team and their weakness was exposed. Terrible pass protection, terrible Defense. All they have is Drew and passing game. We have seen for many years during the Marino era that it isn't good enough.
If they neve came back, it would be okay with me. They can join hands with Jet fans Bronco fans and disappear forever all of them.

This is Dolphin land!!! We take a back seat to know one!!
SHOULD WE INVADE THE BILLS BOARDS????? After all, they played phenomenal defense at home.

Tom Brady - 23/27....310 yds.....4 TDs
Antowan Smith....111 yds and 1 TD
Trekbiz, I can't help but share your apprehension going into The frozen tundra facing Favre and the high powwered Packers. If we had Jay, and I know he's not converted you 100%, we'd have a better chance. Too many unknowns. How hurt is Favre, can we pressure him and force him to move around on an injured leg? Packer line is hurting and it looks like Winters is playing center and there's some reshuffling going on. The biggest unknown is how will Lucas play. After Buffalo I can't be confidant at all, I'll be thrilled to be proven wrong. As you said, "here's to Lucas playing a damn good game!
Hey guys I think we can all agree, the division is there for the taking. Consider this:

This game we get back, Chambers &
Dixon (which may be the biggest return)

We added Carter.
We are rested.

If we can keep it conservative, Run Ricky and keep Favre off the field, Play great Defense and make Lucas takes care of the ball, we can seperate ourselves in the division.

Lets all hope for the best. We are so overdue a championship its not even funny. Lets all stay positive, get behind the team and kick some Packer Tail!!!!
Do you guys realized that Tom Brady completed 85% of his passes today?? Exceptional defensive performance from the home team today. :rofl: :lol:
I can't sit here and watch everyone give props to Brady like he did something exceptional. He had so much time in the pocket, his O line is the one to give credit for as well as the poor showing by Buffalo's d line. Any QB in this league will eat you alive with as much time as he had.

Brady's good, but he's not the one to give credit too. The defense of buffalo sucked, and that's where the credit should come from and be given to the o line of the Patties.
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