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Get your fans from afar flags

It's great we have so many foreign members here and we'd like to recognize them by adding their flag to their profile. Here in the U.S football is a given for all of us but to be from a foreign country and to root for the Phins is something special. Post the country you reside in and we'll install your flag on your profile. I left a US flag on my profile so you can see where it will be placed. We're not adding US flags as it would keep me busy for months and I have too much to do, I will be removing mine after we get the program up and rolling. So thanks again for being valued members and Brothers on the site, we're glad you're here. Phins up!
Canada Please

Great idea and thank you
Would you be so kind as to add a British flag to my profile please?
Here's to a winning season, yards aplenty and Tua to stick two fingers up to everyone.

Phins up!
Beat ya to it...:UP:
I put it there when I approved your membership, welcome aboard!
I still await the flag of The United Federation of Locolandia Major. My people will not tolerate this ignorance and subsequent indignation. We are zip-tying albino skunk mules to the wings of a plane and will crop dust this 13marino13's lands. We will also cease all production in our snow globe factories!
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