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getting Keith Traylor a bad idea?


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Jan 22, 2004
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The Miami Dolphins counting on Keith Traylor to fill the void at defensive tackle created by the retirement of Tim Bowens. The fact Traylor showed up in Miami out of shape when the Dolphins acquired him after the Patriots waived him last month is not a good sign of things to come. Trying to do so in the extreme South Florida heat and humidity will be extremely difficult for someone carrying a listed 340 pounds on a 6-foot-2 frame, as Traylor already has discovered. With Bowens gone, the starting spot is Traylor's to take, and he is capable of being a run-stuffing force. But that won't happen if, as Traylor put it not long after he signed a two-year contract with the Dolphins in late May, he has "nothing in the tank."
they don't seem to think that he can do much of anything and they think we are counting on him to start in Bowens place which I seriously doubt we are. But he has even mentioned that he doesn't have anything left in the tank so I wonder what we are doing with him? and my main question is are we counting on him to start? and who will be our starting DTs assuming Chester also retires? my guess is that Kevin Carter will start at DT but we need two starting DTs, so who else?
It's June, he'll get into semi-decent shape (not that DT's need to be in all that great shape, esp. a run stuffing fire plug) before TC,
Carter and Traylor are temporary stop-gap measures. Saban said himself he had to do something to even be able to field a team, let alone compete. We will address the DT position in next year's draft, as Saban's youth movement continues.
I beleive that this Kevin Vickerson kid is good and will develop and I think we could get a great young DT by drafting Manuel Wright and it's not like it's hard for a rookie DT to play their rookie year
It's deja vu all over again!


But seriously, Trayor is just a one year plug. I also think we'll be looking real hard at the USC DT in the Supplemental Draft. If he's got the goods (just needs polishing and time), I think we'll draft him to be part of the long term solution.

Hopefully he and Vickerson could become the long term plugs for the future. Would be nice if we cultivated 2 young DTs from the same draft year using relatively later round picks.
people keep taking his " nothing left in the tank" comment out of context. Strange how the rest of the quote is always left out. Traylor is fine, people are just desperate to make football news in the offseason.
AirChambers84 said:
people keep taking his " nothing left in the tank" comment out of context. Strange how the rest of the quote is always left out. Traylor is fine, people are just desperate to make football news in the offseason.

I agree what do they expect out of a DT a guy who can go sideline to sideline to chase down a sweep then he would be an end. We need a big fat d lineman who can occupy two lineman so our sick lb corp can have breathing room. I think traylor fits the bill.

he had nothing left in the tank because it was after practice where he had been running around in hot weather. dont worry though , he should be able to find a gas station before the season starts ( just like he said in the rest of the quote if you would ever listen to something yourself instead of depending on someguy to make stuff up)
All Traylor has to do is take up space in the middle of the line.... He looks like he can handle that.
personally I think that Romero has a good chance at starting. I feel he's overlooked by most.

I think when we run the 4-3 or 3-4 that we'll have a LOT of DT rotation, even more so than in the past. Even though Holliday lined up there in OTAs I don't think he'll play NT in 3-4 but possibly on 3rd downs in 4-3s. Chester's availablity is going to be a big factor( Man I'm still wishing we had signed Pat Williams when he was available...but that's a non issue).

Even with the need, I hope we don't use more than a 4th round pick on Manuel in the Supp Draft but if he's there in the 4th I'd jump on it. There will be some DT cuts coming and there are still some average FA DTs left out there (I don't have the list in from of me but I'll edit this when I get it).

It's a worry area but I'm still more worried about FS. Off topic a bit but I rank MY worries as FS, QB, CB, that order.

ADDITION: DTs I still think are out there, where or not they are worth bringing in is another story..... Eric Downing(6-4 315), Leonardo Carson (6-2 305), DeVone Claybrooks (6-3 310), Kelvin Pritchett (6-3 330 If he hasn't retired?), Kenny Smith (6-4 303)
Traylor will be fine. As I've said before, I expect Saban will use a 3rd or 4th on Wright (pending workout and interviews) to get him in the mix now.

Given that Wright has to bulk up, how do you think Traylor will handle sharing his Krispy Kreme's?
Not again. We already went through this whole article. That quote was taken out of context.
Even if he is out of shape, he has plenty of time to drop some weight and I have a feeling Saban can be pretty pursuasive. Besides, we are really thin at DT and he was the best available, it wasnt a bad idea to get him.
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