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got my matt roth jersey


May 22, 2005
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Moorhead, MN
:evil: got my XL matt roth jersey, the better looking replica one too, not the friggin puma ones that the numbers come off after a year. it was at scheels and while normally a second round pick wouldnt have his own set of jerseys, especially when he was drafted by miami, but since he played for the hawkeyes and theres alot of local hawkeye fans there were lots of him there, also there was sean considine(spelling) of the philadelphia eagles, who also is from iowa.

what do you think roth will do this year? i think he will have between 20 and 30 tackles and has 5 sacks, i love this guy, im not a hawkeye fan but i love to watch him and drew tate. how probable is it that channing is the new zach and roth the new taylor, do you think that combination has more potential because i think that crowder has alot better physical skills than zach and that roth is amazingly strong and fast and can handle the point of attack better than taylor and be an awesome ALL around defensive end in run support and pass rush.
cheers to the saban era and matt roth and channing crowder leading the defense!:)
Did not even know they made those yet!! Thats cool that you got one
75 bucks, try or something, its the nfl equipment ones not the puma( whick i hate) they are alot better and durable but also 10-20 bucks more, but its worth it for it to last a couple more years.
darkmistress said:
You can get them from the finheaven fan store (if they haven't sold out already) that supports finheaven :D

but i wanted mine NOW:D, im leaving on a trip to d.c. on monday and i want to wear phins gear, maybe make fun of some skins fans:D all that money invested into some players and they still cant win:shakeno: mark brunell hah, hes even worse than feeley!:roflmao:

I don't think people outside the Midwest have ever heard of Scheels Sporting Goods stores. I think they're only in about 7-8 Midwestern states. Hard to imagine those of us in the Midwest having access to a Dolphin jersey before Florida. But then, in Miami he's just a 2nd round draft pick, in Iowa he's a local guy going big time. I'm hoping he develops into a star in Miami!
I want a Roth or a Wes orange one. I am taking donations. :)
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