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GREAT Dan Marino news!!!!!!


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Mar 17, 2002
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Just heard on Sporting News Radio, that Dan the Man Has been elected into the college football Hall Of Fame. What a great acheivement.

How many more years until he makes it into the Real Hall???
What were Dan's stats like in college? You see, I was born in 1983, so it was impossible for me to see him play his college ball. Everyone talk about his NFL achievements, but not too many bring up his college acheivements.
don't you get it? You get edited because your posts have nothing to do with, or degrade the threads that are posted. I posted some interesting news about a revered Dolphin and you degraded it by adding a post that had absolutely no applicable subject matter.

Post something worthwhile or see all your posts dissapeare. It is up to you.

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He had a very good college career (I think, I also couldn't watch in 1983) but I think he struggled his senior year, which is why he fell so low in the first round.
He was very good in college. Great news! Whatever happened to the age of tough qb's who stood in the pocket til the last second to get the pass off. Marino, Kelly, Elway, Moon, Young etc... the only ones left with that old school toughness is Favre, Warrener and Bledsoe. Not that everyone else is a wimp, but it's just not the same mentality.
I don't think just because a QB doesn't stand in the pocket that he's not tough. What about Donovan McNabb? I think he's the best QB in the league right now. If I had to start a team and got to pick anyone in the league, I would take McNabb 1st in a heartbeat.

Anyways, who cares that Marino was selected! More importantly, former Bills Offensive guard Reggie McKenzie was selected to that particular HOF as well. :) Here's the link:
McNabb is great and McKenzie was a great OG. I do think that McNabb is tough. My point is that most qb's today won't "take one for the team". If the qb pulls the ball down and gets sacked by running when he just needed half a second for the receiver to break that's where I have issues. I've seen that each and every week the last two years in each and every game I watched. We're talking 3 Sunday games and 1 Monday at the least. That's 8 qb's a week. It just irritates me to think about how the qb's used to play compared to what goes on now. McNabb is a freak of nature so he's a little different.
True, but the game has changed. DEs and LBs now run faster than WRs used to run thirty years ago. QBs need to be a little mobile now or they're going to get killed. Like Warner, he's the classic "drop back passer." However, during the Super Bowl he had a few scrambles where he was running all around just to save himself. If a guy is going to stand back in the pocket, wait and wait and wait, and then gets sacked, that's no good. If he avoids the sack by taking off and gets a couple of yards out of the play, that's OK with me.
He had a very good college career (I think, I also couldn't watch in 1983) but I think he struggled his senior year, which is why he fell so low in the first round.

Actually it was unfounded drug rumors that made his stock of his friends and teammates at Pitt got caught and implicated Dan somehow. Even though Dan was cleared of any wrong doing he still fell(luckily) to us at 26. Imagine the genious GMs that selected Ken O'Brien and Todd Blackledge and Tony Eason over Marino...Dan should have been the 2nd QB taken that year...but who am I to criticize...

Bmarion31...Dan was Really good in college...Off the top of my head If I remember correctly he only lost 4 games in his college career, but one of the knocks on him that the scouts said was that he threw too many INTs...Don't they say the same about Warner?!? who cares if you throw 12-17 ints when you are throwing 40 TDs...:D :D :D
Marino finished his collegiate career holding every major passing record in Pittsburgh history, including career marks for passing yards (8,597) and completions (693). Twenty years after his final collegiate season, Marino still holds Pittsburgh records for touchdown passes in a career (79) and season (37) as well as consecutive games with a TD pass (19).
Here's Dans' college career
OMT, I'm pretty sure he played injured for most of his senior season, some sort of leg injury, if I remember correctly.......the way his TD's dropped from his junior season to his senior season was the reason so many teams backed off....
There's definately a line you can't cross by holding on too long either. DL is faster now but so are the receivers and the qb's. Warrener is the best passer going right now. I'm not saying take a sack, frankly I think that often scrambling results in more sacks. I guess the qb's don't seem as intelligent as they once did. They're more athletic but they're not as good. being savvy in the pocket doesn't necessarily mean running around. Stepping forward or to the side to avoid the sack is just as effective. Also, throw the ball away if it just ain't happening.
Dan didn't struggle his senior year, he had a good career all around. The problem with his draft status is that he had one of the worst wonderlic scores ever. He scored like a 16 I think. Some coaches started asking if he had a learning disability or was dyslexic.
Hey...props to Mr. Dan

Not to take anything away from Dan's day, but it's interesting to note who surpassed some of his biggest records at Pitt.
Give up?

Career Yards
Alex Van Pelt 1989-92 -- 11,267
Season Yards
Alex Van Pelt 1992 -- 3,163
Longest Pass Play
Alex Van Pelt to Dietrich Jells 1992 (Rutgers) -- 91 Yards

I honestly did not know that until today.
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