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Jan 8, 2002
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Looks like we might see a low scoring game.

Just kinda glad we made it to the playoffs.
I take it the same jaydog from's board??? Thanks for the invite, Nice site.

Just got home from the game tonight. Thawing out.

Probably 60-70 degrees down there, huh???????
Actually it's about 40 right now. I know that's nothing for up there, but it's pretty cold for down here.:cool:
Dude, it's freezing in Chi-town! Actually today wasn't too bad. But it's been in the low 20's lately.
It's 38 degrees right now with a high of 44 degrees to top out the day.
greeting to you too, bud

we just got our 1st snow yesterday - up here in Jint/Jet/Pats country. It is cold out there :eek:
Good for you ravensjeff, it's nice to know that Finfans can greet someone warmly! They sure don't do that with Bills fans. Gee, I don't know why?!:D
Nice to meet ya ravensjeff :cool: Looks like it's going to be a defensive and special teams battle this week ;)
Ravens 84

Fish 3

The Dolphins are known for huge playoff losses! Why should this year be any different?
No I don't think so!! BILLS!! What's gonna happen is the Ravens score a late touchdown, with about 13 seconds left the Ravens kick it away. Hunter Goodwin scoops it up and hesitates a bit then throws a lateral towards the sideline! Chris Chambers catches it and with a convoy heads up the sideline and scores the gamewinning touchdown!! Pro Player Stadium is going nuts!! The call it the MIAMI MIRACLE!!:goof:

#13 FOREVER!!!
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