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Help Me Think Of A Good Poster Idea!!!


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May 24, 2002
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Tampa, FL
Hey guys I need ideas for a poster. I'm going to the game tonight at Tampa Bay and it will be covered on ESPN so I'm thinkin I should make a quick stop at Albertsons on the way home and grab some posterboard and some markers and draw up a good poster to try and get on ESPN tonight!

I'm lookin for some ideas here dudes. NEED HELP!

Keep in mind that...

1. ESPN and other tv stations like it when you make a play on thier call letters and they often will show a poster that has a clever "E. S. P. N." acronym.

2. My artistic talents are moderate, not extremely good, so if you're tellin me to draw some huge big artsy good picture it might not work....

3. I LOVE TECMO SUPER BOWL. If you can find some way for me to draw somethin that ties in Tecmo Super Bowl with the dolphins in some way, and/or Ricky Williams (and his possible comparison to the Nigerian Nightmare Christian Okoye in Tecmo Super Bowl) I may just outright PAY YOU MONEY or somethin!

4. I'll probably only have about a half hour to draw this, and that includes drinking beer.

5. My budget is not big.

6. Right now my only idea and the leading candidate is to try to draw a cartoony picture of a bulldozer with dreadlocks on it, and put the title "DREADNAUGHT" at the top. Which to me is kind of a sad idea. SO HELP ME THINK OF A BETTER ONE.

7. If your idea is good, and you're watching the game on ESPN tonight, you just may get a chance to see a hefty fella in a Dan Marino jersey holding up YOUR SIGN (that the heft fella drew) on ESPN tonight!

How about....


And then reference the names and numbers of Zach THomas, Ricky Williams (prozac poster boy), and Zac Kustok.

:monkey: And then you can say something derogatory towards the jets.
Thats a great idea no offense but I think the poster has to be somewhat outlandish and crazy in order to catch a cameraman. I think it has to be something unusual and funny, or a really really clever play on the ESPN letters, or both. There will probably be countless Warren Sapp and Zach Thomas type signs out there and stuff. But the big news, the big camera draw I think, will be Ricky Williams cuz thats the real hot news ya know the biggest move of the offseason and whatnot.
The Zach Thomas-Ricky Williams connection through the "Prozach" thing is real clever, but I think maybe too clever, as you really have to think about it too much...Dennis Miller's not there anymore remember.
E xZachly what S irWilliams and ProChambers needed, N orv's O

ExZachtly what

Sir Williams and

Pro Chambers needed,

Norv Turner's Offense

I dunno...maybe a bit too cerebral...
Just trying to work a new coach in there too.
This is a gripe message...

Two Games In Four Days....Courtesy of :monkey:ESPN

Enjoy the game CK...we'll be looking for you!
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