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Henry or Edwards?


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With all of the talk that Henry and Edwards are battling for one roster spot, I got to wondering who we would be better off keeping.

I think it should be Henry for a couple of reasons:

1. We are looking primarily at a future tail back and Henry is young and can be here a while at a low cap number. Edwards has a one year contract and if he has a good year is likely gone.

2. Edwards has those nagging injuries that seem to keep him off the field. He might never be fully healthy again.

But, if Ricky gets hurt, having an experienced back like Edwards on the roster might be important.

Tough call. Glad I don't have to make it. :D
Good points, Phin. I hope we keep all four. Maybe keep only eight OL to make room.
i say henry. we need some young legs. Experienced Back? Maybe I forgot how many years did edwards play?
That's a tough decision....

R. Edwards must show something tonight in Houston. He's got to prove that he can stay healthy as well. I think the odds are against him right now, but I'm sure he knows that he's still got a shot....

L. Henry has the advantage right now I think. I like what I've seen from him during Training Camp this year. He's healthy, and he's hungry to prove himself.....

I'll wait until after tonight before ruling out R. Edwards though....

I dont think they are looking for a future feature back remember ricky is still only 24. I think we need the more experienced of the two (edwards) if he can take the hits and stay healthy
If Edwards can stay healthy he probably adds more to the team. We'll see tonight.
Edwards only played 1 year..and missed 3, I can't say he's the most experienced..Henry has been playing football the last 4 years straight..In football sense..I think he has the edge..if nothing more than the feel of the game.
1 year of NFL experience rushing for over 1100 yards, with 3 years off subsequently, still beats 4 years straight at the small-@ss college that Leonard Henry played at where he played in an option offense where he could gain 60 yards on one play easily with not a defender in sight on a play that in the NFL would likely get crushed for a -5 yard gain.

Edwards is twice as experienced and twice as ready to contribute immediately, IF HEALTHY. I say keep Robert Edwards and psquad Leonard Henry until he actually shows something better than he has as of yet. So far he looks like a JJ Johnson clone...except with a bigger tendancy to lose his balance. I'm not saying he'll never be anything, but a little perspective is a good thing sometimes
CK, once again I don't see your logic about a guy who hasn't played in years being more experienced than a guy who has been playing continuously the last 4 years.

Edwards hasn't been used to the hits or speed, and Henry played at a respectable school BTW, and it wasn't a true option offense. Henry can play and will be a solid backup if kept. Edwards may be as well but he needs to stay healthy and sure hasn't in a single year since injury. He got released for being injured last year and has been injured all preseason this year as well. He's got to get healthy to help this team.
One thing Edwards has going for him is he's got the best hands of all of the backs on the roster.
Robert Edwards has played and succeeded before at the NFL level. Since when is East Carolina a respectable football program.

Even 1 yr playing WELL at the NFL level, even if it happened 3 years ago, makes a guy much more prepared to do well than the last 4 years at EAST CAROLINA in an OPTION offense.

Geez ask any of those so-called "experts" The only question with Edwards is health, not any kind of rookie-jitters which are definite concerns for Henry on the other hand.
I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on the experience front. Talent wise sure Edwards has more but you said it yourself...it's a matter of HEALTH and I can't remember who keeps practing and who keeps getting hurt...can you help me with that one please?
Henry = Upside

Edwards = Determination

Edge: Edwards.

Determination is often underated and overlooked.
I wonder if it means anything that Henry didn't play. It sure looks like the Dolphins are happy with Edwards and he will be the third guy. Henry is Psquad at best I think.
If he makes it to p-squad he'll definitely be on it.

Sam Simmons-WR
Leonard Henry-RB
Kustok or Levcik-QB
James Atkins-DT
Joshua Symonette-LB
And an O-lineman-(Jerman)

That's my predicition for P-squad.
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