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Holy Cow! Len Pasquarelli on Jamal Fletcher...(merged 2x)

Re: Len Pasquarelli on Jamar Fletcher's Performance

nice - article. Fletcher has certainly been more valuable that having a backup QB w/great potential. ;) :rolleyes:

Seriously, our pass rush and run D were back in this one and that is what helped the pass D. If Martin was running all over us, Fletch would have been left out there all the time and had a tigher assignment, but with Martin fighting for 4 yard runs, the Jets could not get us to key on the run and that let our pass rush loose.
He's certainly not there yet. But today was a big step in the right direction. I'll admit, after last weeks "performance".....I was seriously pissed and was calling for his head. I calmed down and got my senses back. But honestly, I expected hit to get lit up at least a little bit today.
I agree with that - of course, it would have been a shutout if not for Fletcher's pass int penalty. I will feel much better w/Pat out there for sure
I think the PI on Fletcher was a bunch of crap.
Len Pasquarelli on Jamal Fletcher...

Fletcher blankets receivers in rare start

By Len Pasquarelli

MIAMI -- When he pulled a sweat-stained T-shirt over his head following what was arguably the best performance of Jamar Fletcher's young career here Sunday afternoon, two things were obvious about the Miami Dolphins second-year cornerback.

His upper body now features about 10 pounds more bulk than it did a year ago. It did not, however, include a bull's eye tattoo stenciled there by a New York Jets offense anxious to have its way with him.

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"The unit, forced to reshuffle in the wake of Surtain's knee injury, held Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde to an anemic 36.2 passer efficiency rating."

LOL 36.2!!!! I'll bet CBS Sporstline will still find some way to construe him as the top rated passer.

Way to go Fletcher. Some of us had faith....

yep, looks like ol' Fletcher there shut up all the recent critics. He had a good game period. He filled in good for Pat.
yep, looks like ol' Fletcher made all the critics shut up this time around. He played good d the whole game. This benefits both Pat and him. Now Fletch is getting a little experience while Pat is getting some needed time off. Good decision by not playing him on sunday Dave.
Yeah, I'd like to hear from some of the critics who called for Fletch's head. Where are you now, you unbelievers?! Fletch, along with almost every other Dolphin defender, played a GREAT game. (He had a nice tackle on Moss to prevent a reverse going to the house.) So, come on and give Fletch some props!
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Nice to see Rodgers shutting some people up too....no big plays? So far this year he has made a few.....and has played well(his slip not withstanding).

Maybe getting a hold of that chair in the offseason is just what he needed!! heheeh

Good to see the "red-headed stepchildren" playing well, especially in a game like that!
From Pasquqrelli's piece on McMichaels:
"In three contests, he now has 11 receptions for 186 yards, and is arguably playing better than any rookie tight end not named Shockey."

That statement is ridiculous. First of all, what rookie tight end other than Shockey could you even make an argument for? Graham? Stevens? Neither have made close to the contribution to their teams that McMichaels has. And from watching the Giants first game and looking at Shockey's stats up to now, he must be one hell of a blocker to even have his season thus far compared to McMichael's. Randy's been making plays left and right for us this year, and the fact that Pasquarelli writes an article about him and says something that stupid is offensive.

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