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How can Ryan Tannehill & Mike Wallace take the next step?


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Apr 6, 2012
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Will the relationship improve on the field simply from better offensive line play?

Is Bill Lazor's presence going to significantly help dial up more favorable plays for them to succeed?

Perhaps you think there is something specific the two teammates need to work on together to refine their connection this offseason?

Whichever way you're leaning the fact remains we need greater results out of them both if we expect to ever get over the hump.


So what, if anything can we actually learn from what we saw in 2013?

Is Ryan Tannehill's arm limited on certain throws and if so is it fixable?

Or does Mike Wallace run inconsistent routes which are hard to read if you're the quarterback?

I frankly believe Mike Sherman neglected to get the guys into a rhythm early in games way too frequently, which ended up with an out-of-sync feel to the entire offense.

At what point though do we insert Joe Philbin's role in the grand scheme of things relating to this issue?

These are all legitimate questions that must be addressed and hopefully answered.
Ryan has this problem of over/undethrowing receivers. I don't know the specifics if Zach Taylor, but I would be very comfortable with a QB coach who has experience and wisdom in the position. bring that guy in and get this problem solved.
deep routes require good blocking to allow the route to develop, we haven't had that.

Now we do.
Tanny needs to continue working on his pocket presence and needs to buy more time. He must work on his deep ball. It is terrible! Many TD passed Wallace caught from big ben was because of BB's ability to buy time.
They should be running go routes right now. It takes Peyton and Harrison type of dedication to get it done. Do these guys have it ????

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Tannehill has got plenty of arm...sometimes He appears to hold back a bit , and then underthrows. Last year, Wallace and his speed had gotten in Tannehill's head. This season should be much better.
Like mnphinfan said....practice, practice.....practice.....

Some players can do it naturally, others have to work at it....regardless which one it is, practice will make it better. They should be working on this from day one in training camp (or earlier on their own) and get comfortable with the what is required to make it work.

I also think there is something to be said for trusting your O-line. If your worried about your protection holding up, that is a factor both in your release and timing.....some greater trust in this area should help tremendously.
Let's see what another year brings. From day one Tannehill was tentative in using Wallace, and seemed happy to fall back on his security blanket. Whatever moves the chains, right? Problem was that sh*t stops working the farther you get in the season. Defenses keyed on our bland play calls and short passes, and eventually realized we couldn't use Wallace properly. We have to figure it out this year, or else let him go.

If we fix the O line, and give Tannehill more time, it will help. A running game will help, too.

What can Tannehill and Wallace do? Hopefully they're bonding and practicing over the off season. Hopefully Tannehill also worked with a personal coach and tried to get better. Hopefully he even realizes he needs to get better.
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