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How many sacks will taylor get

DE Taylor - 16
DE Roth - 11 and DROY
DE Holliday - 3
DE Bowens - 2
DT Carter - 7
DT Chester - 4
DT Traylor - 2.5
DT Zgonina - 0
Anyone can quote me on this one! IF he stays healthy I think he will break the record with 23.

No offense to Bills i think he will have 5 just against them. Losman will be sweating buckets on game day
Boik14 said:
At this point Carter is more of a run stopping De but he would be the most talented De Jt ever played across from. IMO Jt will be back to his norm; 15-17 sacks and a ton of hurries, swatted passes, knockdowns etc

Yeah. especially if Saban does have multiple loooks. Nobody will know when he's coming and from where. A good 15 sacks and all over the place wreaking havoc like you said.
les dauphins said:
I don't think jason has ever had someone as talented as carter play with him how many sacks can he pick up and what's his career high and please no one tell me ogun was better than carter
he'll get atleast zero. I guarantee it
nyjunc said:
I think taylor will have a bounce back year but I wouldn't expect double digit sacks from Carter. Carter has only nhad 1 season of more than 12 sacks and that was last decade.

Bounce back?? In regards to Carter; please stop lookin in the past because Carter never been part of a great Defense like ours..He will get double digit sacks this year..
Losman7 said:
Maybe if it was 1997. Dudes prime has past, he's a solid player, thats about all.

Taylor will have 10-14.

Stop smoking that **** man..Past his prime? and Bruce was in his prime until what age???..You are a hater..If Jt is past his prime, what does that say about your D-line, becasue none of them can hold JT's jock strap...
ch19079 said:
DE JT: 11.5 maybe 12
DE Holliday: 2 (Backup)
DE Bowens: 5
DT Carter: 2.5
DT Zgonina: 3
DT Traylor: 0.5 (Backup)
D. Bowens may get cut due to high cap # which would also create more time for roth and Timbo retiring would push carter inside also creating more time for roth.
FinsAreLife said:
ummm i think ogunleye was more talented then carter for the sacks i think he gets 11-14
As a pass rusher Ogun was more talented but Carter is a much more complete player. Ogun was strictly a pass rusher, Carter is very strong vs the run and does an above average job creating pressure. I think Roth will see plenty of PT opposite Jt too though given our DL's versitility.
Jason Taylor Will Lead The Nfl In Sacks This Upcoming Season It's Just A Gut Feeling. :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:
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