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Sep 2, 2001
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i know its disturbing, but there is a site called the AFC BEAST. i went over and posted a link for voting, since it was a dolphin board i told everybody what it was. this one guy, RJ, competely reworded my post as if i were gay and asking for a date rather than help, and this was a dolphin site mind you, but i didn't go all over the board bad mouthing the guy, i just didn't go back. every site has somebody that can sit in a bowl of ice cream and tell you what flavor it is!;)
I assume other than Mods everybody else get this...

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I get this:

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When I try to fit in I just push a little harder. And if that doesn't work try some vaseline. Let me know how it works.
Rude, perhaps if you shaved the beard, you wouldn't need the Vasoline.

Originally posted by bgreen63
Rude, perhaps if you shaved the beard, you wouldn't need the Vasoline.


Not funny! I hope they ban you. You must be a Bills fan. I though they did away with all you slime!
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