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I'm having a debate with a friend


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Aug 8, 2008
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Pat White related debate. My friend says there is no chance Pat White gets traded/cut. I said I think he's dead wrong. He said he thinks that Thigpen or Pennington gets traded and White sticks around another season. I can NOT see this happening unless we get something like a 4th rounder at the very least for either guy. Both Pennington and Thigpen are too valuable to keep Pat White from being cut IMO. His reasoning is that the front office isn't going to give up there draft pick over a 34 year old QB coming off shoulder surgery or a guy who couldn't establish himself as a starter when he had the chance. I won't back down on my opinion. I wouldn't be shocked if he is right just because I know this is a business, but I can't see them keeping White around. Your thoughts?
Since the general consensus is the assumption Miami will not keep four Qb's on the roster I guess you have to break it down in terms of value.

The second assumption is no one with the first name of Chad is going to get traded that leaves the following question:

What can you get in return for what is left and what do you have invested?

a) With White you have a second round pick invested and no hope of retrieving that pick but you more then likely can get a player of equal talent.
b) With Thigpen you have a fifth round pick invested and good chance of getting that pick back or a player of equal talent with the outside shot at a higher pick or higher talented player if you find a team that is desperate.

It wouldn't surprise me if Thigpen is traded based on the above conditions just by the simple fact that return on investment dictates that Thigpen has more curb appeal then White and the chance to offer a player that can fill a need or a pick that returns the same amount of value invested in said player.

I guess this saga will unfold with the passing of time and maybe we are all wrong and Penny gets the boot or Miami keeps four QB's.
I would have thought Pat White being cut is a given but we seem to be holding on to Patrick Turner, who's done far less, for no apparent reason so who knows.
I think that if Thigpen can be traded for some kind of value than White will stay another year....

But if no one wants Thigpen I think White, ends up getting cut...I think if someones qb goes down Thigpen would be sought after...

Hell John Beck was traded for a player....I am sure we could get at least a 5th for Thigpen
Who the hell knows what will happen? This topic is like predicting powereball numbers. Nobody knows what the FO is going to do with him but the bottom line is that he's not ready to play and may never be able to play at this level. It all depends on what the front office thinks. Do they dump him or still try to develop him. Your guess is good as mine. Pate White is going to be a blemish on the FO like Wilford and Wilson. We took a chance on the kid and are losing so far, but if this kid came in and lit it up we would be praising the pick. It's very hard to evaluate players at this level and FOs' choices have been outstanding and their pros dramatically out weight their cons when it comes to choosing personel for our franchise.
Not that this adds anything, but this thread jogged my memory in that it reminded me that last night I had a dream that we traded Thigpen. To whom and for what I can't recall.
I think your friend is correct.

While I think White deserves to be cut I think he lasts 1 more year, he is being saved because he was selected as a 2nd rounder last year.
While realistically either one Penny or Thiggy can be traded I dont like the thought of having Thigpen and White as Henne's backups.
Thigpen get's traded, if not White get's cut..............it's that easy.
Am I the only one who has seen how inconsistent Tyler Thigpen has played? He's a third string QB (The only way he gets in the game is if Henne and Pennington get injured, and at that point it really doesn't matter who our QB is cause out season's done anyways.)
Am I the only one who has seen how inconsistent Tyler Thigpen has played? He's a third string QB (The only way he gets in the game is if Henne and Pennington get injured, and at that point it really doesn't matter who our QB is cause out season's done anyways.)
i still think thigpen is a real solid backup and especially a number 3. u gotta remember the guy is young still and has never had real talent. when he started in 08, his first game he almost beat the jets in the meadowlands. he even looked good against us that year when we played the.

do i ever think he will be a premier qb in the league? no but i do think he can be a solid qb, and if someone gets hurt on our team whether its henne or penny, hes a great fallback option, an option which most teams dont have even if there number 1 goes down. hes our 3rd option.

hes got a good arm, mobile, and i like that about him. he will get better, but we dont need him to be anything more than a backup for us.
Pat White's done with our team. His playing time in preseason has solidified that.
The conspiracy theorists will say "They're just showcasing Thigpen for trade bait". Bullcrap.
They still would've played Pat White SOME in the preseason to get him reps.

His time in Miami is done....
I just cant see the FO cutting their "special pick" in the early 2nd after one year. Thats my only reasoning. The preseason stuff, I do not know. I would think to showcase Thigpen. Why would White not even get a shot during preseason? IDC if he sucked in practice, many do and many play. Somethings up with that.
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