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Is anyone else a little tired of the all-white unis, all the time?


Mar 10, 2006
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Tallahassee, FL
I know in the greater scheme of things it's not exactly a big deal, but is anyone else tired of the fact we never wear any uniforms besides the all white ones? They're classic, and they look good, but we wear them on the road and we wear them at home and we wear them on Thanksgiving instead of the throwbacks. It's not THAT hot in Miami anymore, we could probably do aqua or maybe, God forbid, even orange. How about some variety, even if just to sell jerseys.
YES!!!!!!!!!! that uni is getting anoyying why don't we wear the aqua it is so nice.
seriously, i'm getting really tired of the all-white every single game. i mean it's not even like we're winning most of our games in them anyway. :rolleyes:
I could care less.

But if it were my decision, the all white is nice looking!!!
Ive ordered a Ronnie Brown Aqua jersey and by the time its delivered it will be a retro throwback the amount of times weve worn them!
Im really tired of seeing threads about this, does that count? there's like one everyday now.
Yeas I'm sick of them. I would probably be happier to see them if we were 9-3
I know people dont care, but seriously those white ones are gettin real old. They were my least favorite of our three jerseys as is, and now all we do is wear them every damn game. I would rather see a pink jersey than the white ones....... well not really but you get my point.
I'm hoping Christmas night they will wear aqua jerseys! Primetime at home!
i like the all white. i hope they wear it every game.
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