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Jamal Anderson a Patriot

I still think he's quite a good power runner. He should help the Pats a lot because I believe Antowain Smith is a hack.
I think we all know what happens when RBs start tearing ACLs...:( I think this is the end for Jamal...
He DID sign. He is NOT replacing Smith though. Should Smith get injured, they'll have him as a decent replacement.
btw, Smith is NOT a hack...or haven't you been watching the Pats ps games?
Smith may not be a hack, but the guy mediocre at best. He also does not have a very good work ethic as evidenced by his inability to complete the team runs each of the past two years. I predict 850 yards for him this season.
Good move for him. He needs money to fill the gas tank of His Ferrari and pay for the insurance on the car and the house.
Actually guys he still hasn't signed...and since when is A. Smith not the second coming or Lamar Smith?

Both had a good season early, then tanked when getting money, then got a ressurrection and then tanked again their next year in camp....Lamar sucked during reg season, A. Smith will too.

Jamal still hasn't signed a snag has been hit...he hasn't had a camp..is coming off two hurt knees...and will surely get hurt again.
Whew...Just skipped a major problem..Because he and Smith are big men who can wear down a D by the 4th Quarter, much like we hope Ricky does this year.. I hope he recovered so that he can somewhere else..just not on another team in the AFC E...
Originally posted by mybills
He DID sign. He is NOT replacing Smith though.

He "DID" sign? Wow. I heard that he had an agreement to sign, not that he already did.

Ok, enough sarcasm. Maybe before you make statements, please be sure of them. I think we already have enough posers online. ;)
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