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June 1st Trades/Cuts


May 22, 2002
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Homestead, FL.
June 1st Trades

Now that June 1ST is fast approaching I would like to know whats everyones TOP 5 Wish list, for free AGENTS.
I would Like at least 1 more Reciever, 1 DE(Coleman Preferabely)
and a couple of Linebackers
I agree we need another DE and possibly another WR but as far as LB goes, we have all we need. Unless you are talking about brining in one that will unseat Rodgers or Greenwood from their starters position, we have enough back-ups/special teamers. I don't think we will find anybody on the streets that would be an improvement over what we already have. I would rather see some more competition brought in for the OL. I'd look at some TE's also, in case Mayes can't get it together.
I think we will be fine with our tight end position, I am more worried about THE OL like you said and I think we need to bring in a really good Outside Linebacker, I dont think Marlon Is ready to be the man
I dont think Marlon Is ready to be the man

Gotta disagree with you there.....He finished 6th on the team in tackles with 58....he didn't become a starter until a third of the way through the season.....and he really started to figure things out towards the end of the season....you actually started hearing his name called quite a bit when you were watching a game.....I think Bates is going to scheme with him more this year to take advantage of his speed......last year they didn't ask him to do much, preferring to keep it simple.....this year you'll see alot more of MORlon......
the only "must" sign is a DE that can play strong ag. the run behind JT and DG: Coleman or Burnett

After that, we would need to bring in a high quality player that can start at WR, TE or LT; and I doubt there will be anyone out there for us other than possibly Westbrook - if Norv wants him.
Rob, Rob, he's our man.....

I really like the way our roster is shaping up - good depth, plenty of competition. The one spot where I'd like to add a veteran is at DE. I think Rob Burnett's the guy. He's an experienced and solid player, plus he has a Super Bowl ring. I think the only guys on the team who can say that are Brock Marion and Leon Searcy. It never hurts to have a few guys in the locker room with the bling-bling to show off to the rookies and second year players.

I've always viewed Marco Coleman as an under acheiver who doesn't play aggressively enough. Besides, I don't see him accepting a veteran minimum salary.
Aside from DE.....barring training camp injuries (oh please god, not again) or a really surprising veteran cut, I'm ready to go to war with what we've got.
This is definately going to be an exciting year, I think with a couple of good additions atleast for backups positions we will pretty set for a great year
I agree... there seem to be a few thins spots.. DE, OL, maybe TE... but as a whole, if the starters stay healthy, the Fins will ROCK this year.

Watching the defense last year and there is no doubt the phins need depth LB!! Derrick Rodgers just doesn't make enough plays and Morlon is still GREEN no pun intended!! I would love to get a bargain linebacker!! I would love to see Hardy Nickerson fall on out lap!! The guy still has some gas in the tank and is able to play outside and his leadership would only help! What if Zach would go down with an injury he could fill in the MLB position! Think about it, the PHINS are screwed if ZACH would go down, you just can't replace a stud in the middle like that, with our depth now but NICKERSON could!!
Rodgers and Greenwood aren't great (I think Greenwood will be very good) but both are above average.
1st a de coleman or burnett
2nd lt ???????????????? whomever is better than what we have
wr one or the consistant ones
te but not sure yet lets see how camp goes first
I hope they don't go after any single postion, the roster looks pretty good right now, i don't think we need to add someone like Brunet who will plug in and add depth. I hope Miami does go after 1 player hard. I hope Dave finds a player that will actully make a difference from the guys we have now, and does what ever it takes to get him. I want an impact player or nothing. I don't know who that could be right now since June 1st hasn't hit yet. OLB seems as though it may have some real talent available, this is a postion that Miami could move from average to great with a big pick up.
i think the fins are in great shape , the only thing i would go for is one or two big OL men and a big time DE besides that WR looks great QB looks good DEFENCE looks great RB looks amazing , i think if miami can stay away from the injury bug they'll be super !!
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