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June 1st


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Apr 27, 2005
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What player positions should we focus on getting when June 1st rolls around?
LostInPatsLand said:
Yeah, we're just diggin for stuff... :tongue:

The draft was a nice high, but as with all highs, we need to come down eventually. Some of us are just not ready to admit we're coming down. Let it go, get some sleep, and make some eggs in the morning. :p
a veteran FS (Schulters or Thompson), a run-stuffing big DT (Traylor), a veteran WR (preferably Boston)
Regan21286 said:
a run-stuffing big DT (Traylor)

why on earth do u want Traylor?? he's OLD...he is in his 14th year i believe, he will be done in like 2 years. Miami is gonna be in a shock when they realize in 3 years they have no defensive lineman. Holliday, Carter, and if we get Traylor...will all be done in about 3 years. Taylor will be here, Bowens/Chester keep getting hurt......we need to find ourselves a YOUNG defensive lineman, i think Matt Roth is more of a linebacker.
roth has played almost ALL snaps at LDE, he wont be a linebacker. if anything he will be a dropping de in certain situations.
I think that we will be looking for WR,QB,LB and FS.
yes we need a QB. The biggest mistake we made all draft was NOT signing Jason White. He was an undrafted free agent, and we took Brock Berlin instead. Jason White won a freakin Heisman Trophy, and we took Berlin instead??? Jason White has so much more potential!!
PhinDude88 said:
I think that we will be looking for WR,QB,LB and FS.

WR and FS yes...but LB and QB?

Right now we have an excess of LB's, and who could we possibly pick up at QB?
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