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Just found our future OC.

Not surprised, looked like he lost control of team last night.
Perfect system for Tannehill in my opinion.
Damn...poor dude.

Franchise QB sucks, lose your #1 RB for the year.

Mini stroke on the field.


I'm down for that. Just please god don't bring the QB coach with him.
Joe will never fire his buddy - or even his bud's son in law unless he's told he's got no choice and (unfortunately) I only see that happening if
(a) we end up with a losing record and Ross instructs him to clean offensive house (hopefully not Coyle and his crew)
(b) Kubiac isn't snapped up by that point which IMO he will be sooner than later. And yes, TX is a good landing spot from a face-saving standpoint for someone was just a long-standing HC.

In other words, there's a better chance of Michelle Ryan taking a chastity vow than Kubiac ending up calling our offensive plays as much as I'd love that to happen.
Not surprised, looked like he lost control of team last night.
He looked like he lost control of himself as well. He was giving those officials an earful, Hellen Keller coulda lip read all those f-bombs. I'm glad they put him out of his misery, poor dude was going to blow another gasket.
Maybe wouldn't be a bad deal for us but I don't see his motivation. He's been an OC already. Miami isn't a "star" opportunity. Can't see why he would want it.
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