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KC is a Tough Game


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Dec 12, 2001
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We have to go up to KC to play a very hot offense. Preist Holmes has proven to be alot more than a 1 hit wonder, and their offense is clicking. Patrick Surtain has to be back next week! Their offense is alot like the Colts they will spread out the D, and then shove Holmes down our throat. The keys to this game will be controlling the clock. We have to keep our D on the sideline as much as possible, so their offense can't get insync. The other key will be taken advantage of Trent Green's mistakes. Just like Peyton and the Colts the Cheifs will score alot but will also give the D chances to make big plays. A couple early turnovers to help us get an early lead will take away the Preist, and this could be an easy win.
They really dont scare me....theyre confidence is shattered and its to early for them to play the role of spoilers....It DOES scare me that theyre do for a win after 2 close games but I serouisly dont think it will come against us....plus Kennison had a great GAME and I dont think hell be consitent...things were going good for KC but luck could only take them so far.....Hopefully the players have the same mentally as you do that way they dont take them to lightly.
The key to beating the Chief is for our front four to put pressure

on Trent Green much like we did to Vinny and the Jets. Green

tends to force passes and throw interceptions when he is rattled.

On Defense the Phins main concern should be CONTAINING Priest

Holmes (because no matter what, he will get his touches and his

yards)........we need to keep him out of the endzone (see

Edgerrin James). However we must not focus completely on the

running game......Tony Gonzalez and company will be more than

happy to catch some balls if we decide to forget about KC's

passing game; hence my statement about forcing Trent Green to

hurry his throws and make mistakes.
This team plays the RAM O of which we didn't fare too well last year...the Key as the SGT said is to put pressure on the QB, hope Ogun now has his groove back after finally getting a sack today..we much bottle up P. Holmes...he's the real deal..I'm more afraid of him that even E. James...O just have to have long drives to keep the D fresh and the D much stop them and get off the field.
I've never seen Holmes play. Is he a slasher like E. James or more of a Curtis Martin type runner? If he is a slasher, that'll hurt us. However, this D seems built to handle C. Martin type runners......
Quck note Gonzales sprained his wrist today, and was a non factor. Hopefully it bothers him for one more week.
Chiefs Defense isn't that great, the loss of Donnie Edwards hurts them, as you can see Donnie Edwards has helped out the San Diego defense a lot. Their offense is good, but WRs lack god-given talent. I say stick Zach on Holmes, and watch out for T.Gonzalez, and get pressure on Trent Green. We should win. I agree it will be tough in KC though. Arrowhead Stadium isn't the kindest stadium.
We got a lot of tough games this year. If we go 12-4 this year then we have put together a good string as we got 2 games against the patriots, we got denver, oakland, greenbay, chicago.
Priest Holmes is NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy can take it the

distance at any time and is also a powerful runner, although he is

more of an outside threat. Luckily our Defense is pretty good

going lateraly which should make for a pretty good match-up.
DO NOT UNDERESTIMATES THE CHIEFS...........The key to beating chiefs is like most of you pointed it out and that is hammering Green.The Jaguars beat them 23-16 because they put alot pressure on Green and Green started throwing int's ..He had 3 in'ts agasint the Jags with 1 td and Holmes was held to 36 yards...They like running with singleback formation which our defense had trouble stopping when Colts use it.......
We just need to keep palying the way we are and not take them for granted. Arrowhead is a tough place to play, and can get VERY loud, so we need to go in there and take the croud out of the game early.

We may get another huge TE break early in the season, because as somebody pointed out, Gonzalez has a busted wrist and it seems to be limiting him. The Pats used 2 backups at LB yesterday and Gonzalez still couldn't get it going. He injured the wrist last week tho, not yesterday.

Holmes will get his yards, we just need to bust Green in his chin and play hardball.
I agree with the other posters that we have to control the clock and keep their potent Offense off the field.

In anycase, I think this is a good matchup for our D. The CHiefs WR's (Kennison and Morton) can be contained by Madison and Surtain, which should allow for more players in the box to stop the run and pressure the QB.

The Chiefs D is horrendous. We should be able to control the ball and the clock, and let Ricky run wild in the 4th.

Its really true - Ricky is a 4th quarter backk - when the Jets D wore down late in the game, then he finally broke the big one...
Holmes reminds me alot of Marshall Faulk.. he scares me.. their pasing game I think we should be able to controll, but Holmes is the key... he is dangerous running and just as bad receiving.. he can hurt you..
But I was exicted to see Bates mix it up yesterday.. that may be the first time since he's been here to actually try something new.. maybe Wandstat finaly let Norv alone to run the O and started helping out on D... whatever it was I am anxious to see what he comes up with this week..
Holmes is the most dangerous part of their offense. We need to take away the run and make them beat us passing the ball against our secondary. Green will make bad throws and I like Madison and Surtain (hopefully he will be back) against their Wr.

I'm not a big fan of Zach trying to cover quick backs out of the backfield all day. But, Bates seems to like it.
Zach does a good job for the most part.. Martin did put a move on him yesterday.. but it is not often that Zach will miss a open field tackle.
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